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6502 Simulator Desktop Edition

One of the best systems to start learning Assembly is with the old but amazing 8-bit Commodore 64. Thanks to Nick Morgan, creator of the Easy 6502 and Easy 6502 tutorial with simulator, you can learn assembly very easily!

What would make it even easier is having your own Desktop 6502 Simulator to use. So to help make that happen I went ahead and did exactly that. While I am not finished it is usable, and I plan to do whatever I can to make it a great desktop app in the near future.

6502 Desktop Simulator

Getting Started

Binary Downloads

OSX Build 0.3.7 Windows Build 0.3.7 Linux Build 0.3.7

Install Manually

If there is not a build for your OS or if you would like to compile from source, you can install manually:

First things first, clone the repository by downloading with the Green Download button above, or cloning on your system.

git clone https://github.com/3DEsprit/6502SimDesktop.git

yarn install (or npm install without Yarn)

npm start

Have fun!

ToDo List

  • Finish Memory Monitor In Progress
  • Add Menu/Hotkey Support for functions
  • Update Register/Flag Viewing
  • Addition of UI Animations
  • Create Snazzy Icon (In process)
  • Test on Linux
  • Build Packages for Win/Linux Platforms
  • Reactive CSS with the window size
  • Make the the sim integration more desktop-ish In Progress.
  • Various Colored Themes
  • Look at options to offer on Mac App Store, and Windows App Store
  • Switch to Electron-Builder for Builds
  • Change Linux Builds to AppImage


The base simulator used in this app was created by Nick Morgon, and you can find the original code in the 6502js Repo.