web-based IDE for 8-bit programming and Verilog development
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Build Status

Use Online

Install Locally

To clone just the main branch:

git clone -b master --single-branch git@github.com:sehugg/8bitworkshop.git

To build the 8bitworkshop IDE:

git submodule init
git submodule update
npm i
npm run build

To use GitHub integration locally, download the Firebase config file, e.g. https://8bitworkshop.com/v[version]/config.js

Start Server

Start a web server on http://localhost:8000/ while TypeScript compiles in the background:

make tsweb

Run Tests

npm test

Note: Github tests may fail due to lack of API key.


Copyright © 2016-2022 Steven Hugg.

This project is GPL-3.0 licensed.

Dependencies retain their original licenses.

All included code samples (all files under the presets/ directory) are licensed under CC0 unless otherwise licensed.


The IDE uses custom forks for many of these, found at https://github.com/sehugg?tab=repositories




Dev Kits / Libraries