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@ -20,6 +20,19 @@ c64kernal.oph: A collection of standard aliases for the KERNAL routines on the
constants are defined for the character codes for color changes
and case-changing.
libbasic64.oph:A still-experimental set of macros and routines for exploiting
the software floating point routines in the Commodore 64
c64header.oph: A much simpler Commodore 64 header that does nothing but jump
directly to your code. Useful for small programs or those that
intend to interface with BASIC.
vic20.oph: A simple header for the unexpanded VIC-20. Equivalent in
behavior to c64header.oph.
vic20x.oph: A simple header like the two above, but for expanded VIC-20.
nes.oph: A somewhat skeletal collection of aliases for the PPU registers
on the Nintendo Entertainment System. These names were chosen
to match the constant names given on the NESdev Wiki.