Finish up the test suite

Quite a few tests fail; that'll need fixing.
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Michael Martin 2012-06-12 02:39:19 -07:00
parent 926eef2287
commit 10c3b46996
5 changed files with 150 additions and 31 deletions

tests/baseinc.bin Normal file

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tests/baseinc.oph Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1 @@
.byte "BASIC", 10

tests/sub/baseinc.oph Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
.byte "SUB 1 START",10
.require "../baseinc.oph"
.byte "SUB 1 END",10

tests/sub/sub/sub.oph Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
.byte "SUB 2 START",10
.require "../baseinc.oph"
.byte "SUB 2 END",10

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@ -5,7 +5,10 @@ import subprocess
import os
import os.path
pythonpath = sys.executable
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
pythonpath = sys.argv[1]
pythonpath = sys.executable
homepath = os.path.realpath(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]))
ophispath = os.path.join(homepath, "..", "bin", "ophis")
@ -16,6 +19,10 @@ failed = 0
# when explicitly testing the input/output file capabilities.
def assembled(raw):
return ' '.join(["%02X" % ord(c) for c in raw])
def assemble_raw(asm="", options=[]):
p = subprocess.Popen([pythonpath, ophispath] + options,
stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
@ -24,7 +31,7 @@ def assemble_raw(asm="", options=[]):
def assemble_string(asm, options=[]):
return assemble_raw(asm, ["-o", "-", "-"] + options)
return assemble_raw(asm, ["-qo", "-", "-"] + options)
def test_string(test_name, asm, expected, options=[]):
@ -34,7 +41,11 @@ def test_string(test_name, asm, expected, options=[]):
global failed
failed += 1
print "%s: FAILED\nError output:\n%s" % (test_name, err)
print "%s: FAILED" % test_name
print "Assembled code: ", assembled(out)
print "Expected code: ", assembled(expected)
if err != '':
print "Error output:\n%s" % err
def test_file(test_name, fname, ename, options=[]):
@ -223,7 +234,9 @@ def test_expressions():
test_string('Masked underflow', '.byte 2-3&$FF', '\xff')
test_string('Arithmetic precedence', '.byte 2+3*4-6/2', '\x0b')
test_string('Parentheses', '.byte [2+3]*[4-6/2]', '\x05')
# The manual gets this one wrong! $D000-275 needs brackets.
test_string('String escapes',
'.byte "The man said, \\"The \\\\ is Windowsy.\\""',
'The man said, "The \\ is Windowsy."')
test_string('Byte selector precedence',
'.byte >$d000+32,>[$d000+32],<[$D000-275]',
@ -234,7 +247,8 @@ def test_expressions():
test_string('.alias directive (circular)',
'.alias a c+1\n.alias b a+3\n.alias c b-4\n.word a, b, c',
test_string('.advance directive (basic)', 'lda #$05\n.advance $05\n.byte ^',
test_string('.advance directive (basic)',
'lda #$05\n.advance $05\n.byte ^',
test_string('.advance directive (filler)',
'lda #$05\nf: .advance $05,f+3\n.byte ^',
@ -244,22 +258,73 @@ def test_expressions():
test_string('.advance failure', 'lda #$05\n.advance $01\n.byte ^', '')
test_string('.checkpc, space > 0', 'lda #$05\n.checkpc $10', '\xa9\x05')
test_string('.checkpc, space = 0', 'lda #$05\n.checkpc 2', '\xa9\x05')
test_string('.checkpc, space < 0', 'lda $$05\n.checkpc 1', '')
test_string('.checkpc, space < 0', 'lda $05\n.checkpc 1', '')
test_string('A X Y usable as labels',
'.alias a 1\n.alias x 2\n.alias y 3\n'
'lda (a+x+y),y\nlda (x+y,x)',
test_string('Opcodes usable as labels',
'ldy #$00\n dey: dey\n bne dey',
def test_segments():
print("\n==== ASSEMBLY SEGMENTS ====")
# Basic - make sure PC is tracked separately when segment changes
# No writing to .data segments
# .space directive
# multiple named segments
test_string('Segments (basic)',
'.org $41\n'
'.org $61\n'
'l: .byte l, d', 'Aa')
test_string('Data cleanliness', '.byte 65\\n.byte 65', '')
test_string('.space directive',
'.data\ $41\ a 2\ b 1\ c 1\n'
'.text\n.byte a, b, c\n', 'ACD')
test_string('Multiple named segments',
'.data\ $41\ a\ $61\ b\ $4a\n'
'.data\ q 1\ a\ r 1\ b\ s 1\n'
'.text\ $10\n.text a\ $20\n'
'.text\n.byte ^,q,r,s\n'
'.text a\n.byte ^,q,r,s\n',
def test_scopes():
print("\n==== LABEL SCOPING ====")
# Duplicate labels in separate unnested scopes OK
# Data hiding - invisible outside scope, overwritten in nested
# Anonymous labels: basic support but also across scope boundaries
test_string('Repeated labels, different scopes',
'.org $41\n'
'_l: .byte _l\n'
'_l: .byte _l\n'
'.scend\n', 'AB')
test_string('Data hiding outside of scope',
'.org $41\n'
'_l: .byte _l\n'
' .byte _l\n', '')
test_string('Repeated labels, nested scopes',
'.org $41\n'
'_l: .byte _l\n'
'_l: .byte _l\n'
' .byte _l\n'
'.scend\n', 'ABA')
test_string('Anonymous labels (basic)',
'.org $41\n'
'* .byte -, +\n'
'* .byte -, --\n', 'ACCA')
test_string('Anonymous labels (across scopes)',
'.org $41\n'
'* .byte -, +\n'
'* .byte -, --\n'
'.scend\n', 'ACCA')
def test_macros():
@ -306,23 +371,70 @@ def test_macros():
def test_subfiles():
print("\n==== COMPILATION UNITS ====")
# .include, basic and repeated
# .require, basic and repeated
# .include before .require of same file
# .require before .include of same file
# .require the same file twice but with different names
# (that is, a/header.oph and header.oph)
# .require different files with the same pathname (../base.oph)
# .charmap: set, reset, out-of-range
# .charmapbin: legal and illegal charmaps
# .incbin, basic usage
# .incbin, hardcoded offset
# .incbin, hardcoded offset and length
# .incbin, softcoded offset and length
# .incbin, length too long
# .incbin, negative offset
# .incbin, offset = size of file
# .incbin, offset > size of file
test_string(".include pragma", '.include "baseinc.oph"', 'BASIC\n')
test_string(".include repeated",
'.include "baseinc.oph"\n.include "baseinc.oph"',
test_string(".require pragma", '.require "baseinc.oph"', 'BASIC\n')
test_string(".include before .require",
'.include "baseinc.oph"\n.require "baseinc.oph"',
test_string(".require before .include",
'.require "baseinc.oph"\n.include "baseinc.oph"',
test_string(".require same file twice with different paths",
'.include "baseinc.oph"\n.include "sub/baseinc.oph"',
test_string(".require different files with identical paths",
'.include "sub/sub/sub.oph"',
test_string(".charmap (basic)",
'.charmap \'A, "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"\n'
'.byte "hELLO, wORLD!"', "Hello, World!")
test_string(".charmap (reset)",
'.charmap \'A, "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"\n'
'.byte "hELLO, wORLD!",10\n'
'.byte "hELLO, wORLD!",10\n',
"Hello, World!\nhELLO, wORLD!\n")
test_string(".charmap (out of range)",
'.charmap 250, "ABCDEFGHIJKLM"\n.byte 250,251',
test_string(".charmapbin (basic)",
'.charmapbin "../examples/"\n.byte "hELLO, wORLD!"',
"Hello, World!")
test_string(".charmapbin (illegal)",
'.charmapbin "baseinc.bin"\n.byte "hELLO, wORLD!"', '')
test_string(".incbin (basic)", '.incbin "baseinc.bin"', "BASIC\n")
test_string(".incbin (hardcoded offset)",
'.incbin "baseinc.bin",3', "IC\n")
test_string(".incbin (hardcoded offset and length)",
'.incbin "baseinc.bin",3,2', "IC")
test_string(".incbin (softcoded offset and length)",
'.alias off len+1\n.alias len 2\n'
'.incbin "baseinc.bin",off,len', "IC")
test_string(".incbin (length too long)",
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",3,4', "")
test_string(".incbin (negative offset)",
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",1-5,4', "")
test_string(".incbin (offset = size)",
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",6', "A")
test_string(".incbin (offset > size)",
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",7', "")
test_string(".incbin (softcoded length too long)",
'.alias off len\n.alias len 4\n'
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",off,len', "")
test_string(".incbin (softcoded negative offset)",
'.alias off 1-5\n'
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",off,4', "")
test_string(".incbin (softcoded offset = size)",
'.alias off 6\n'
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",off', "A")
test_string(".incbin (softcoded offset > size)",
'.alias off 7\n'
'.byte 65\n.incbin "baseinc.bin",off', "")
def test_systematic():
@ -339,7 +451,7 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
print "Using Python interpreter:", pythonpath
if failed == 0: