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#+Title: VolksForth versions
* C64/C16/Plus4/CommanderX16
* X16 version adapted to Kernal/Emulator version R41
* Some reduction in use of and dependence on Kernal variables in RAM
* X16 version adapted to work with both versions R38 and R39 of
Kernal and Emulator, and thus with prototype boards #1 and #2
* Some code cleanup around moving word headers to the heap
and related tmpheap cleanup
* load, thru, +load, +thru were removed from the v4th versions
like the x16 version that don't have block/buffer disk access.
* X16: Zero page area used by v4th moved from $30-$5b to $50-$7b,
inclusive, so that it now doesn't collide with the ROM version of X16Edit
* Initial prepartion for and implementation of tmpheap
* Some minor cleanups and bug fixes.
* X16: Initial version
* Built-in INCLUDE stream file interface
* Separate versions with and without BLOCK words
* C16-32k version resurrected and fixed
* An adapted subset of the ANS test suite is made to pass
* Makefile setup for build and test
* Build sources moved from BLOCK disk images to stream sources