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@ -19,6 +19,39 @@ In particular, it's a goal of mine to ensure that erc:
* is modular, allowing as much code reuse within the application as is practical;
* is unit-testable, to the extent that C allows, and maintains a high level of code coverage.
## Updates (Jan 18, 2018)
I thought I'd write something on the state of the emulator. Here's
what's done so far:
* We have fully implemented the MOS 6502 processor support for the Apple
II, and we have much of the infrastructure to emulate an Apple II
machine in place now.
* Memory organization is principally complete. There's a lot of memory
in the Apple II! You have main memory, auxiliary memory,
bank-switchable memory, read-only memory. Early on, we implemented
memory map support for vm_segments, which is something that has
been flexible enough to support all of the types of soft-switches
that the Apple II has to control access to said memory (as well as
for many other functions).
* There's a basic disassembler in place for the 6502 support, which has
been incredibly helpful in identifying where we have had functional
breakdowns in terms of proper execution and bootstrapping of the
* We're up to 169 tests as of the time of this writing, which is
We do have a lot of stuff done for the graphics system, but there's a
lot more to go; getting graphics and text working as intended is my next
goal. I'm hopeful this will lead us to a point where erc is usable with
general disk images of software.
Some ideas for the future:
* An assembler that could splice a program into multiple disk images
* Commadore 64 support (which will be difficult, as I've used a
Commadore maybe...one time? Two times?)
## Running
Right now, erc is mostly unusable; large components of it are still being built out. However, if you do run it, you will see a string that reads: