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; Master build file for OF816
; System segment
.segment "FSystem"
.include "macros.inc" ; System macros
.include "platform.inc" ; Set up by the build script
.include "config.inc" ; Configuration defines
.include "equates.inc" ; Equates
.include "asm/system.s" ; System interfacing
.include "asm/interpreter.s" ; Inner interpreter & helpers
.include "asm/compiler.s" ; Compiler helpers
.include "asm/mathlib.s" ; Math library
.include "asm/memmgr.s" ; Memory (heap) management library
.if .strlen(PLATFORM) > 0
.include "platform-lib.s" ; Platform library
.include "asm/env-dictionary.s" ; Environmental queries dictionary
.include "asm/forth-dictionary.s" ; Forth built-in dictionary
; FCode segment - to be potentially located in a different bank
.if include_fcode
.segment "FCode"
.include "asm/fcode.s"