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Open Firmware for OF816

This directory contains Forth source implementing Open Firmware on top of OF816. It is based on IBM's Slimline Open Firmware that is notably used in IBM POWER systems and QEMU.

There are Bugs

  • Package instances don't quite work right.

Working features:

  • Device tree.
  • Properties.

Unimplemented features:

  • FCode additions (to-do).
  • nvram (board-level addon).
  • Framebuffer/display support (to-do).
  • Device probing (to-do).
  • Support packages (to-do).
  • FCode debugging and Forth source-level debugging (probably won't do).
  • Client interface.
  • Other miscellania.


  • SLOF is based on a 64-bit system. The basic stuff ports to 32-bit easily enough, but the cool stuff like FAT and ext2 support rely on the 64-bit extensions.

The build script borrows tricks from SLOF to incorporate the C preprocessor and remove comments and extra lines from the code, producing a single file that can be used with EVALUATE.

SLOF is licensed under a BSD license, and since the files in this directory are a derivative work, the license is reproduced in this directory as SLOF-LICENSE.