Experimental 65C02 machine code interpreter/emulator/disassembler.
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65C02 code interpreter/emulator/disassembler.

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This project provides a library implementing a farily complete emulator of WDC 65C02S CPU. It does not aim to be cycle-exact emulator, but otherwise it tries to mimic behaviour of 65C02S as close as possible. Currently, the following features are implemented:

  • Emulation of all opcodes, including WDC extensions and BCD mode.
  • 16-bit address space.
  • Minimal support for interrupts.

The following notable features are missing:

  • Ability to execute callbacks in software utilizing this library.
  • Just-in-Time translation.

The only external dependencies (besides standard C library) are Boehm GC and uthash. On Fedora these can be installed with gc-devel and uthash-devel packages.

If you want to build tests, kyua quality assurance toolkit, atf testing framework and a recent snapshot (1.8f or newer) of vasm assembler (6502 with std syntax) are also necessary.

Built by neckbeards