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Apple 1 Emulator for SAM Coupe (v1.1)
Apple 1 Emulator for SAM Coupe (v1.2)
Emulator Keys:
Shift-Esc = Soft Reset
Symbol-1 = 50Hz terminal
Symbol-2 = 100Hz terminal
Symbol is mapped to Left-Ctrl in SimCoupe, so you'll need to use Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2.
The emulator supports a type-in feature, allowing text listings to be entered
as though they were typed. This feature is currently available to SimCoupe
users only, and used as follows:
- Press F4 for data import
- Change Import Type to Main Memory
- Select Page 6 and Offset 0
- Click OK and select the file to import
You will need to ensure that the file is typed in the correct mode. Hex code
listings are in the startup monitor mode. For BASIC listings type E000R in
the monitor to run the BASIC ROM. For 6502 ASM listings type F000R to launch
the Krusader assembler.
For further details on using the Apple 1 monitor, download the user manual: (2.9MB)
See website for usage:
Version 1.2 (5/9/2008)
- Fixed BRK flags (clear D, set I, N/Z set from wrong EXX set)
- Fixed Esc repeat, broken in previous version
- Added Applesoft BASIC [Lite] and Lee Davidson's Enhanced BASIC
- Updated Ken Wessen's Krusader assembler to v1.3
- First byte of emulator at &c000 appears to be ROM (for Applesoft BASIC ROM)
- Terminal output now supports lower-case characters (for Enhanced BASIC)
Version 1.1 (27/8/2008)
- Improved 65C02 core for ~20% speed boost
- Fixed broken TRB, which was masking the wrong value
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Simon Owen <>
Simon Owen

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