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Apple 1 Emulator for SAM Coupé (v1.2)
Version 1.2 (2008/09/05)
- Fixed BRK flags (clear D, set I, N/Z set from wrong EXX set)
- Fixed Esc repeat, broken in previous version
- Added Applesoft BASIC [Lite] and Lee Davidson's Enhanced BASIC
- Updated Ken Wessen's Krusader assembler to v1.3
- First byte of emulator at &c000 appears to be ROM (for Applesoft BASIC ROM)
- Terminal output now supports lower-case characters (for Enhanced BASIC)
Version 1.1 (2008/08/27)
- Improved 65C02 core for ~20% speed boost
- Fixed broken TRB, which was masking the wrong value
- BIT #imm no longer considers setting N flag
Version 1.0 (2007/03/19)
- Initial release
Simon Owen