Tools for manipulating Apple II dos33 filesystems

Updated 20 hours ago

Allows Acorn BBC Microcomputer language ROMs to run on Apple //e enhanced, //c and IIGS.

Updated 1 day ago

high level programming language and compiler targeting 6502 machines such as the C-64 and CommanderX16

Updated 2 days ago

Apple ][ stuff

Updated 3 days ago

Multi Tasking OS for Apple IIe //c IIgs : Link to 0.93 RELEASE version ->

Updated 1 week ago

Email and Usenet suite for the Apple //e or GS with Uthernet-II ethernet card

Updated 2 weeks ago

File management utilities for the ProDOS operating system on the Apple II

Updated 3 weeks ago

Total Replay II: Instant Replay

Updated 3 weeks ago

Applesoft BASIC in JavaScript

Updated 3 weeks ago

Apple II ProDOS-8 system files that run on startup and install clock drivers, ramdisks, and other utilities

Updated 4 weeks ago

Miscellaneous Apple II stuff that doesn't warrant a full project in and of itself

Updated 1 month ago

Antoine's Apple II code

Updated 1 month ago

PATH command for Apple II ProDOS

Updated 2 months ago

a verification and copy program for 5.25-inch Apple II floppy disks

Updated 2 months ago

A general purpose ASM libriary for the Apple II. Assembled in Merlin 8 Pro

Updated 2 months ago