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@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
src2dsk rpm_ca65.s
merlin32 rpm_m32.s
cp rpm_ca65.bin disk/rpm_ca65.bin
cp rpm_m32 disk/rpm_m32.bin
cp blank_prontodos.dsk rpm.dsk
#a2rm rpm.dsk RPM.BIN
#a2rm rpm.dsk RPM.CA65.BIN
#a2rm rpm.dsk RPM.M32.BIN
a2in -r a rpm.dsk HELLO disk/hello.bas.raw
a2in -r a rpm.dsk RPM.BAS disk/rpm.bas.raw
a2in -r a rpm.dsk RPM.DEBUG.BAS disk/rpm.debug.bas.raw
#a2in -r b rpm.dsk RPM.CA65.BIN disk/rpm_ca65.bin
#a2in -r b rpm.dsk RPM.M32.BIN disk/rpm_m32.bin
a2in -r b rpm.dsk RPM.BIN disk/rpm_m32.bin