Added two demo modes: InsaneClear and CompiledFont

* these don't make sense except for testing, they are inefficient or take too much space
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Rob McMullen 2018-07-20 19:26:40 -07:00
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commit a92efaf0f2

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@ -992,6 +992,66 @@ class FastFont(Listing):
self.byte("$%02x" % data[index], 16)
class CompiledFastFont(Listing):
def __init__(self, assembler, screen, font, double_buffer):
Listing.__init__(self, assembler)
self.slug = "compiledfont"
with open(font, 'rb') as fh:
self.font_data =
self.num_chars = len(self.font_data) // 8
self.generate_table(screen, "H1", 0x2000)
if double_buffer:
self.generate_table(screen, "H2", 0x4000)
def generate_table(self, screen, suffix, hgrbase):
label = "COMPILEDFONT_%s" % suffix
# Have to use self-modifying code because assembler may not allow
# taking the hi/lo bytes of an address - 1
self.comment("A = character, X = column, Y = row; A is clobbered, X&Y are not")
self.asm("sty scratch_0")
self.asm("lda %s_JMP_HI,y" % label)
self.asm("sta %s_JMP+2" % label)
self.asm("lda %s_JMP_LO,y" % label)
self.asm("sta %s_JMP+1" % label)
self.asm("ldy scratch_0")
self.asm("lda hgrtextrow_l,y")
self.asm("sta hgr_ptr")
self.asm("lda hgrtextrow_h,y")
self.asm("sta hgr_ptr+1")
self.label("%s_JMP" % label)
self.asm("jmp $ffff\n")
# Bit-shift jump table for generic 6502
self.label("%s_JMP_HI" % label)
for r in range(self.num_chars):
self.asm(".byte >%s_%d" % (label, r))
self.label("%s_JMP_LO" % label)
for r in range(self.num_chars):
self.asm(".byte <%s_%d" % (label, r))
index = 0
for r in range(self.num_chars):
self.label("%s_%d" % (label, r))
for i in range(8):
self.asm("lda #$%02x" % self.font_data[index])
self.asm("sta (hgr_ptr),y")
self.asm("lda #4")
self.asm("adc hgr_ptr+1")
self.asm("sta hgr_ptr+1")
index += 1
self.asm("ldy scratch_0")
class HGRByLine(HGR):
"""Either a color line or a BW line, depending on the contents of each
@ -1277,6 +1337,27 @@ class FastClear(Listing):
class InsaneClear(Listing):
def __init__(self, assembler, screen):
Listing.__init__(self, assembler)
self.slug = "insaneclear"
self.generate_table(screen, 0)
def generate_table(self, screen, offset):
base = 0x2000 + offset
label = "INSANECLEAR_%x" % (base)
self.comment("A clobbered")
self.asm("lda #$aa")
s = screen.generate_row_addresses(base)
for c in range(40):
for r in range(screen.screen_height):
self.asm("sta $%04x" % (s[r] + c))
class RLE(Listing):
def __init__(self, assembler, data):
Listing.__init__(self, assembler)
@ -1432,6 +1513,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
parser.add_argument("-i", "--image", default="line", choices=["line", "color","bw"], help="Screen format used for full page image conversion (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("-l", "--scroll", default=0, type=int, help="Unrolled loop to scroll screen (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--clear", action="store_true", default=False, help="Unrolled loop to clear screen (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--insane-clear", action="store_true", default=False, help="Unrolled loop to clear screen (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--merge", type=int, nargs="*", help="Merge two HGR images, switching images at the scan line")
parser.add_argument("--rle", action="store_true", default=False, help="Create run-length-encoded version of data (assumed to be an image)")
parser.add_argument("--src", action="store_true", default=False, help="Create source version of binary file")
@ -1440,6 +1522,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
parser.add_argument("-d", "--double-buffer", action="store_true", default=False, help="add code blit to either page (default: page 1 only)")
parser.add_argument("-g", "--damage", action="store_true", default=False, help="add code to report size of sprite upon return. Can be used in a damage list to restore an area from a pristine source.")
parser.add_argument("-f", "--font", action="store", default="", help="generate a fast font blitter for text on the hgr screen using the specified binary font file")
parser.add_argument("--compiled-font", action="store", default="", help="generate a font-compiled fairly fast font blitter for text on the hgr screen using the specified binary font file")
parser.add_argument("-o", "--output-prefix", default="", help="Base name to create a set of output files. If not supplied, all code will be sent to stdout.")
parser.add_argument("files", metavar="IMAGE", nargs="*", help="a PNG image [or a list of them]. PNG files must not have an alpha channel!")
options, extra_args = parser.parse_known_args()
@ -1523,12 +1606,18 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
if options.font:
listings.append(FastFont(assembler, screen, options.font, options.double_buffer))
if options.compiled_font:
listings.append(CompiledFastFont(assembler, screen, options.compiled_font, options.double_buffer))
if options.scroll:
listings.append(FastScroll(assembler, screen, options.scroll))
if options.clear:
listings.append(FastClear(assembler, screen))
if options.insane_clear:
listings.append(InsaneClear(assembler, screen))
if listings:
if options.output_prefix:
if Sprite.backing_store_sizes: