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each supported bitmap mode.
Installing From Source
The autogenerator code is written in Python and should run on any platform
that can use python
that can use python. It requires:
* python 3.6 (and above)
* numpy
* pypng
Install using the Python package manager::
pip install asmgen
Starting with version 2.0, python 2 support has been dropped.
Installing From Source
To contribute bug fixes or enhancements, it would be useful to get an account
on github and clone the source to your own account. You can then send me pull
requests for any modifications you would like to see included.
If you just want to clone my source to look at it, use::
git clone https://github.com/robmcmullen/asmgen.git
Assembler Support
* cc65 (the default)
* MAC/65
Contributors welcome for other assemblers, like Merlin, MADS, dasm, xasm, etc.
Code Generation Capabilities
* Transposed font code generator
* Sprite compiler
* Screen clearing
* Screen vertical scrolling
* Hi-res row lookup table generation
Experimental (and unsupported)
* Font compiler (slower than the transposed font code)
* Run-length encoding of images
* Merge two hi-res images, switching images at specified scan line
Running the Code Generator
You will use
Transposed Font
To generate source code for a fast font renderer, you will need a binary font
file that is required in order to transpose the font characters and embed them
in the source code. Then::
It will create two source files, the main one of interest is called
OUTPUTFILEROOT-fastfont.s which contains the generated code and data for use of
the transposed font. All you need is to include this file in your source and
it's ready to go. No need to include a binary of the font file, as it's already
included in byte data.
The otherother will be a parent file that contains ``include`` statement for all the generated files from this run of ``asmgen.py``. In this case it only has one include, but if you also generate a clear screen routine and some sprite compiling, it will contain all those
called OUTPUFILEROOT-driver.s that will include all the other generated files, and the specific font file source
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