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@ -43,13 +43,24 @@ The source is free and open, and lives on `github
<>`_, so clone and enhance at will!
This program started life as a fork of Quinn Dunki's `HiSprite
This program started life as a friendly fork of Quinn Dunki's `HiSprite
<>`_ that she presented at KansasFest
Her conclusion was that it was not that practical for the Apple II because of
the limited memory and the number of sprite shifts needed. I wanted to port
this to the Atari because it would require fewer shifted shapes in most of the
graphics modes (e.g. only 4 shifted shapes for the commonly used ANTIC modes 13
and 14) She told me that she was unlikely to continue work on sprite compiling
but encouraged me to continue development.
Additional Credits
The sample font is modified from Michael Pohoreski's `excellent tutorial on
Apple II fonts <>`_.