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; %help
; idemu -- Identify emulator.
; syntax: idemu
; Uses official ways of detecting emulators if possible, otherwise uses the
; various idiosyncrasies that many emulators have regarding the ROM or I/O
; pages.
; %hend
.include "davex-mg.inc"
temp0 = xczpage
DX_start dx_mg_auto_origin ; load address
DX_info $02,$12,dx_cc_any,$00
DX_desc "Identify emulator."
jsr idemu
; bcs noemu
stx temp0
jsr xprint_path
lda temp0
beq :+
jsr xmess
asc_hi ", version "
.byte $00
lda temp0
jsr xprint_ver
: jsr xmess
.byte $8d,$00
; identify emulator
; return cs if no emulator found
; return cc if one is found
; ay = name pointer (even for none), x = version (if nonzero)
.proc idemu
lda #$00
sta emuver
jsr $fe1f
bcc doemub ; skip the BS if it claims to be a GS
; okay, let's check for some obvious things first
lda $fbb3
cmp #$06 ; Apple IIe or better
bne :+
lda $fbdd
cmp #$02 ; PDS card or IIe for classic MacOS
bne :+
lda $fbde
cmp #$40 ; IIe for classic MacOS
bne iiecard
ldy #<emIIe
lda #>emIIe
bne foundemu1
iiecard: lda $fbbe
sta emuver
ldy #<emPDS
lda #>emPDS
bne foundemu1
: jmp doemub ; fall back to emubyte
; Routine to handle emulator detected, but emubyte=$00
zeroid: sec
jsr $fe1f ; is GS?
bcs :+
ldy #<emGus ; assume Gus if GS and ID 0
lda #>emGus
bne foundemu1
; check for Virtual II
: ldy #$00
ldx #$10 ; loop to check for Virtual ][
viilp: lda $c04f
and #$b0
cmp #$b0 ; VII has mostly this here
bne :+
: dex
bne viilp
cpy #$0d ; more than 14 $Bx?
bcc :+ ; nope
stx emuver ; zero version
ldy #<emVII
lda #>emVII
bne foundemu1
; check for Apple IIjs or jse
; which always have zeros from $c001-$c00f
: lda #$00
ldx #$0f
jslp: lda $c000,x
bne :+
bne jslp
stx emuver
ldy #<emJS
lda #>emJS
bne foundemu1
: jmp unkemu
; Routine to identify by emubyte value if possible
doemub: jsr getemub
bne noemu
cmp #$00 ; yes this is needed
beq zeroid ; do zero identification
cmp #$ad ; Catakig always has this in $c04f
bne :+
lda #$00
sta emuver ; catakig doesn't have a version byte
ldy #<emCatak
lda #>emCatak
jmp foundemu
: cmp #$fe ; Bernie
bne :+
ldy #<emBernie
lda #>emBernie
bne foundemu
: cmp #$16 ; Sweet 16
bne :+
ldy #<emS16
lda #>emS16
bne foundemu
: cmp #$47 ; GSport
bne :+
ldy #<emGSport
lda #>emGSport
bne foundemu
: cmp #$4b ; KEGS
bne :+
ldy #<emKEGS
lda #>emKEGS
bne foundemu
: cmp #$ab ; AppleBlossom
bne :+
ldy #<emAB
lda #>emAB
bne foundemu
: ; well, ID byte didn't match a known emu
; but we don't have floating bus at $c04f
; so it must be an emulator
unkemu: lda emubyte
jsr setemub
ldy #<emUnk
lda #>emUnk
foundemu: ldx emuver
noemu: ldy #<emNone
lda #>emNone
ldx #$00
; get emubyte and version if possible
; returns with z clear if floating bus found instead
; if z set, a has emubute and y has emuver
; which are also saved in memory
getemub: sta $c04f ; de-facto standard among IIgs emulators
lda $c04f ; program ID
ldy $c04f ; version
sta emubyte
sty emuver
ldx #$ff ; now check ID again 255 times
: sta $c04f
lda $c04f
cmp emubyte ; floating bus gonna float
bne :+ ; and if it does, we gotta nope
bne :-
: rts
; set emubyte in unknown entry, enter with a = emubyte
setemub: sed ; decimal mode trick for hex->ascii
tax ; save it
and #$0f ; low nibble
cmp #$0a
adc #$30
ora #$80 ; to Apple II
sta unkemub+1
lsr ; high nibble
cmp #$0a
adc #$30
ora #$80
sta unkemub
; ***
emubyte: .byte $00
emuver: .byte $00
; ***
emNone: pstr_hi "None identified"
emUnk: pstr_hi "Unknown, emubyte = $XX"
unkemub = *-2
emPDS: pstr_hi "Apple IIe Card"
emVII: pstr_hi "Virtual ]["
emIIe: pstr_hi "IIe"
emGus: pstr_hi "Gus (probably)"
emCatak: pstr_hi "Catakig"
emBernie: pstr_hi "Bernie ][ the Rescue"
emS16: pstr_hi "Sweet 16"
emGSport: pstr_hi "GSport"
emKEGS: pstr_hi "KEGS"
emAB: pstr_hi "AppleBlossom"
emJS: pstr_hi "Apple IIjs or jse"