deschw: display Apple IIc Plus hidden slot 6 SmartPort info

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mgcaret 2018-06-11 22:36:41 -07:00
parent 830cae1e88
commit 75fb9020ba
1 changed files with 27 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -894,13 +894,37 @@ desSp1: lda slot
ora #$c0
sta rom+1
jsr chk_smport
bcs desNotSP
jsr Descr1SP
bcs chk_hiddenSP
jsr Descr1SP
desNotSP: inc slot
lda slot
cmp #8
bcc desSp1
; look for IIc Plus hidden smartport
lda $fbbf
cmp #5
bne desNotSP
lda slot
cmp #6
bne desNotSP
lda $c64e
cmp #$38 ; sec
bne desNotSP
lda $c651
cmp #$18 ; clc
bne desNotSP
jsr xmess
asc "IIc Plus hidden SmartPort in slot 6."
.byte $8d,$00
lda #$c6
sta SpTrick+2
lda #$51
sta SpTrick+1
jsr SpDescr
jmp desNotSP
jsr xmess
@ -923,6 +947,7 @@ Descr1SP:
lda rom+1
sta SpTrick+2
jsr SpStatus
jsr EachStatus