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@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ This is intended as a quick reference for the <a href="./">Applesoft BASIC in Ja
<dt>PRINT <var>expr</var> [ [;,] <var>expr</var> ... ] [;]<dd>Output text. <code>;</code> concatenates,
<code>,</code> advances to next tab stop. A trailing <code>;</code> suppresses line break.
<var>expr</var> can include <code>SPC(<var>aexpr</var>)</code> to advance by
multiple spaces, or <code>TAB(<var>aexpr</var>)</code> to advance by multiple tab stops.
multiple spaces, or <code>TAB(<var>aexpr</var>)</code> to advance to column.
<dt>INPUT [<var>string</var> ;] <var>var</var> [, <var>var</var> ...]<dd>Read line of comma-delimited input, with optional prompt
<dt>GET <var>var</var><dd>Read single key