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This file is a textual log of changes by date prior to tracking the
files in a public version control repository. This is for historical
purposes only, and will no longer be updated.
Added PEEK and POKE shim for 230 (Hi-Res plotting page), to enable
drawing on the back buffer for animations.
Re-added support for running under Windows Scripting Host and added
Mozilla Rhino support too.
Total internal revamp: Now a compiler rather than interpreter. Source
errors are reported by BASIC line number as well as source
Display defaults to 40 columns, emulates 80-column firmware more
accurately. Character output (CHR$(), INVERSE, etc) tweaked to match
Apple behavior.
Files written via DOS now persist in your browser via Web Storage.
Floating point and integer overflows are caught rather than
propagating infinities and NaNs.
DATA statements and INPUT entries parse more accurately as comma
delimited, optionally-quoted strings. RE-ENTER? is shown on invalid
INPUT (and can be trapped via ONERR)
Added HGR2 and page-flipping POKE shims, plus a few CALL shims for
graphics. Hires graphics are now to a 280x192 bitmap, rather than
trying to be sneaky with a 140x192 bitmap.
Error codes can be distinguished in ONERR via PEEK(222). Out-of-memory
and stack-overflow conditions reported where possible (this is
non-standard across browsers).
Tweaked samples that were dependent on language/environment quirks.
Updated code editor to (the much improved) CodeMirror 2.0. On parse
errors, the cursor is moved to the offending line/character.
Fixed error handling issues, e.g. DOS errors w/ ONERR and syntax
errors e.g. 10 INPUT PRINT
Added HSCRN(x,y) extension function.
Fix mouse-as-joystick to hit full range of 0...255.
No longer show paddles/joysticks automatically; rely on
mouse-as-joystick primarily.
Use FlashCanvas for older IE versions, instead of excanvas, and switch
to plotting hires pixels/lines directly rather than relying on canvas
scaling and line drawing.
Added Gaussian Distribution 2D plot sample, by John Russ
Added compatibility shims for PEEK(78) and PEEK(79) for seeding the
random number generator. On a real Apple these are incremented during
the input polling loop and are a good source of entropy for seeding a
random number generator. In this interpreter, they are simply
generated by the JavaScript Math.random() function.
Added lexical highlighting in code editor via CodeMirror. Note that
this only highlights tokens, it does not check statement or expression
syntax. It will highlight invalid tokens and unsupported statements.
Mousing over the screen now updates paddle position - try the lo-res
painting demo for an example.
Lots of internal code cleanup with hopefully no behavior changes.
Fix RETURN and POP from inside a FOR ... NEXT loop.
Added SPEED= shim (does nothing)
Fixed SPC() and TAB()
Work around Chrome bug to show full error alert text.
Added "Echo to Printer" option to allow copy/paste of output
Big refactor of internals. Statement parsing and execution now
separated. A library of statement functions are used for
execution. Hopefully nothing broke - all unit tests still pass.
When run under cscript.exe, the program still blocks until the user
presses Enter when a GET statement executes, but the entered
characters are returned by subsequent GET statements.
Added Hello World Sine Wave sample by Jamie Beu.
Changes are now recorded in an Atom Feed.
Now licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
Fixed bug with POKE and negative addresses (introduced 2009-05-15, bleah)
Added Boy's Surface sample by Lukas Innig
Fixed running with cscript
Slight performance tweaks for IE c/o explicit sizing
Tracked down source of IE perf issues when drawing with paddles; when
the thumb/stick moves, IE does a relayout/repaint of any content above
the paddle in the HTML flow. If I delete the page header it's
silky-smooth. Unfortunately, any text above the screen seems to make
it fall off the deep end - so no fix yet without gutting the page.
Undid "Line breaks from PRINT now clear to the right edge" - doesn't
repro on Apple. What was I thinking?
A bunch of performance tweaks based on IE8's JavaScript
profiler. While they look good on paper, they mean diddly-squat to
perceived performance. Don't precalc default variable values, avoid
DOM changes that are no-ops, and (sigh) don't scan the whole screen
looking for FLASH-styled cells - maintain a list instead so perf isn't
impacted if there are none.
Expressions are now just-in-time compiled to JavaScript. Screen
updates are the real bottleneck, though, so this isn't a big
performance boost. Performance comparison (on my 1.73GHz machine) of
the lores Mandelbrot set demo:
Google Chrome (V8 JavaScript compiler): 25% faster (21s vs. 27s)
Firefox 3: 14% faster (64s vs. 73s) Internet Explorer 8: <1% faster
(249s vs. 251s) So not a huge win except on faster execution
engines. But this is just the first step... Fixed POKE 216,x shim to
disable ONERR handler
Rejiggered internal value storage/passing system to use fundamental
JavaScript types instead of {number: value} or {string: value}. I
didn't trust JavaScript's type system when I first wrote this code.
Performance - made GOTO/GOSUB not do a linear scan to find the line
(d'oh). Significant perf boost for IE.
Added Unit Tests sample. Coverage is not complete but it's getting
RND() with negative now consistently reseeds (added custom pseudoranom
number generator)
FOR I = 10 TO 1 : PRINT I : NEXT now correctly prints 10 then finishes
(was previously incorrectly inferring STEP -1)
Line breaks from PRINT now clear to the right edge of the text window
Automatically show input devices if PDL() called
Added Zhodani Relay Station Placement example (run after generating a
sector with Traveller Sector Generator)
Fixed a bug where changing text mode (e.g. PR#3) after calling HGR
would break split-screen mode.
Updated to an IE8-compatible version of excanvas. Updated my excanvas
patch to support scaling.
Allow DEF FN to be invalid (errors occur in FN, per Applesoft)
Fixed PR#0 in Safari
Added RENAME old,new to DOS
Fixed LIST for assignment statements with no LET
Fixed operator spacing for LIST
Fixed parsing of empty REM statements
Program would execute after a tokenization error was encountered -
Added Traveller Sector Generator sample
Fixed cursor blinking
Added Connections, Puzzler, and Squiggle by Gregg Buntin
Addressed IE performance issues: sped up Text and LoRes screen
initialization, don't use classes for characters (sigh).
PRINT CHR$(7) now rings a BELL (if your browser has an audio/wav WAV
handler configured)
Reimplemented the text display (TTY) using bitmap font, to mimic the
look of 40/80 column text (no more copy/paste, alas)
Added MouseText support. INVERSE:PRINT CHR$(27);"XY";CHR$(24):NORMAL
The ASCII Pac-Man sample was really Unicode Pac-Man, which the bitmap
font doesn't support, so it broke. So I cheated.
Added Scribble sample, by William Simms
Added February Surprise sample by Antti Pirskanen
Ignore whitespace-only lines, as a convenience
Added ASCII PAC-MAN(ish) sample by Michael Kemp
Added TEXT ADVENTURE sample by Floyd McWilliams.
Allow string literals to be terminated by end-of-line (suggested by
Mike Kienenberger for compatibility)
Fixed a case where syntax errors were ignored
Fixed input focus to work in Google Chrome
Fixed READ to support multiple variables, e.g. READ I,J,S$
Added Save/Load buttons that let you save your work to a cookie
Added DRAWING PROGRAM sample by Brian Broker
Fixed power operator (^) which wasn't being parsed correctly
Fixed subtle bug with string comparisons (result was double-typed as
number and string)
Fixed NEXT I,J,... to terminate multiple loops - thanks to Scott
Alfter for pointing this out
Bowing to popular demand, it now supports ? as an alias for PRINT
Implemented ONERR GOTO line and RESUME, including POKE 216,0
Added demo for ONERR, added ONERR support to sequential file access
Fix hires graphics on Safari - not sure when it broke
Code cleanup c/o
Bug fix: INPUT A,B,C no longer worked. Probably mis-re-factored at
some point.
Implement file writing (to client-side VFS only), including APPEND
Added DOS DELETE command
GR does implicit HTAB 1 : VTAB 24
PEEK(49168) has the same effect as POKE 49168,N
As a convenience, PEEK and POKE at 49200/-16336 (speaker toggle) now accepted, but a no-op
As a convenience, spaces now accepted before = forCOLOR= and HCOLOR=
Added button to submit your sample (via email) for inclusion
Added SIMPLE.PONG sample c/o USENET post by mad.scientist.jr
Improved comment handling (doesn't tokenize)
Make GET support keyboard flag, so IF PEEK(-16384) > 127 THEN GET A$
Bug fix: User could type after hitting Stop. Now TTY state is reset.
Added missing statement: ON expr GOSUB ...
RND(0) returns last, negative reseeds
Fixed location of paddle button 3 (C060)
Implemented scaling in ExplorerCanvas (source); hires now scaled
somewhat correctly in IE
Bug fixes: HOME would force full-screen text; HPLOT can now plot a
single pixel
Added hires support via canvas tag
Display switches (POKE 49232...49239, not counting page 2) supported.
Added text window support: POKE 32,left : POKE 33,width : POKE 34,top
: POKE 35,bottom
Added full screen lores support via POKE 29234,0
Fixed keyboard input on Safari - hacky, but logical
Added Mandelbrot set demo to DEMOS
Added PEEK and POKE shims
Added paddle buttons: Home = 0 = Open Apple, End = 1 = Solid Apple,
Page Up = 2, Page Down = 3
Added Caps Lock (defaults to on; real Caps Lock key toggles it; this
means it usually ends up in an inverted state)
Round numerical results to 8 decimal places (hacky)
Added demo file links, cleaned up UI a bit.
Added hacky PR#0/PR#3 support (to set 40 columns)
Execute multiple steps before yielding. Increases perceived
performance by about 10x.
Adjust lores colors per Linards Ticmanis on comp.sys.apple2.
Added Joystick, reorganized web pages
Added MON/NOMON support.
Fixed bugs with: READ into arrays, two argument MID$, e-format number
parsing, DOS null command
Bugfixes: SPC() and TAB() followed by ; in PRINT statements. DOS
parameter lists can include spaces.
Oops - FRE is a function not a statement. Fixed!
Implemented DEF FN
Implemented DIM. File reads complete.
Added preliminary DOS implementation. Sequential access read only;
there's a file called "JABBERWOCKY" to try.
Fixed bugs with string variables, key presses in IE, and HTML tweaks
for better layout and lo-res sizing
Added paddle support (PDL)
Added lores graphics support (GR, PLOT, HLIN, VLIN, COLOR=, SCRN)
Extracted step mechanism from interpreter, so web page can introduce
delays; no longer case-sensitive to keywords
Fixed command-line mode again
Added screen emulation (e.g. HOME, HTAB, VTAB) and input (e.g. GET)
Integrated into browser (display and event model)
Project started; interpreter functional via WSH on Windows

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