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@ -247,7 +247,10 @@ can be literals (unquoted strings), strings, or numbers
<dt>EXP( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Raise e to number
<dt>INT( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Integer part of number
<dt>LOG( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Natural log of number
<dt>RND( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Pseudo-random number generator (0 repeats last, negative reseeds)
<dt>RND( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Pseudo-random number generator.
If <var>aexpr</var> is positive, returns a random number from 0 to 0.999....
If <var>aexpr</var> is zero, repeats the last result.
If <var>aexpr</var> is negative, reseeds the generator.
<dt>SGN( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Sign of number (-1, 0, 1)
<dt>SIN( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Sine of number
<dt>SQR( <var>aexpr</var> )<dd>Square root of number