Christophe Meneboeuf 261b7276b5 Version presented at the A2FP convention.
New features

  * Levels features can be configured
  * Placing items and monsters
  * Can navigate through many levels
  * Game state can be restored

Many bug corrections
2022-11-21 11:56:56 +01:00

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What is it?

Escape (working title) is a homebrew Rogue-Like* game developed for the Apple II computers.

It is written in assembly and serves two purposes:

  1. Be fun
  2. Document the proccess of coding for the Apple II on my blog:

How to build


  • The build process relies on the assembler provided by the CC65 compiler suite.
    • Set the environment variable CC65_HOME to the root folder of CC65
    • Builds are guaranteed to be successful using version 2.19 (commit 555282497c3ecf8). They should also work with any subsequent versions.
  • A makefile compatible with GNU Make is provided.
  • AppleCommander is used to produce a disk image that can be loaded in any emulator. Apple Commander requires a Java Runtime.
    • Export the variable APPLE_COMMANDER to the path of the jar file.

How to build


This will produce bin/escape.a2 which is a binary executable for Apple's II PRODOS.

make install

Will produce the executable binary and copy it along with all the required files into the floppy image escape.dsk

How to play

You can navigate the levels using the IJKL keys and display a map by pressing TAB.