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.include "iic.defs"
; to enable/disable XModem, see EN_XMODEM in iic.defs
.org rom4x_disp
.proc dispatch
cmp #$a9 ; reset patch
bne :+
bra reset4x
: cmp #$ea ; boot patch
bne :+
jmp boot4x
: cmp #$01 ; $01 = new boot fail routine
bne :+
jmp nbtfail
.ifdef EN_XMODEM
; XModem functions
: cmp #$02 ; $02 = AppleSoft SAVE
bne :+
jmp asftsave
: cmp #$03 ; $03 = AppleSoft LOAD
bne :+
jmp asftload
: cmp #$F0 ; $F0 = monitor W(rite)
bne :+
jmp monwrite
: cmp #$EB ; $EB = monitor R(ead)
bne :+
jmp monread
: sta $00 ; for debug, comment if not using
lda #>(monitor-1)
lda #<(monitor-1)
jmp swrts2 ; jump to monitor
; next is snippet of code to boot external 5.25
.proc bootext
lda #$e0
ldy #$01 ; unit #
ldx #$60 ; slot #
jmp $c60b ; jump into Disk II code
.proc reset4x
stz power2 + rx_mslot ; action = normal boot
asl butn1 ; closed apple
bcs ckdiag
exitrst: lda #>(rst4xrtn-1)
lda #<(rst4xrtn-1)
jmp swrts2
; check to see if both apples are down
ckdiag: bit butn0 ; open apple
bmi exitrst ; return to RESET.X
; present menu because only closed apple is down
menu4x: jsr ntitle ; "Apple //c"
ldx #$00 ; menu start
jsr disp ; show it
jsr gtkey
cmp #$b0 ; "0"
bne ckkey1
ldx #$ff ; reset stack
lda #>(monitor-1) ; monitor entry on stack
lda #<(monitor-1)
jmp swrts2 ; rts to enter monitor
ckkey1: cmp #$b2 ; "2"
beq doconf
cmp #$b4 ; "4"
bne ckkey2
doconf: jsr confirm
bne menu4x ; go back to menu4x
ckkey2: sec
sbc #$b0 ; ascii->number
bmi menu4x ; < 0 not valid
cmp #$08
bpl menu4x ; > 7 not valid
sta power2 + rx_mslot ; for boot4x
stz softev + 1 ; deinit coldstart
stz pwerdup ; ditto
bra exitrst
.proc gtkey
gtkey: lda #$60
sta ($0),y ; cursor
sta kbdstrb ; clr keyboard
kbdin: lda kbd ; get key
bpl kbdin
sta kbdstrb ; clear keyboard
sta ($0),y ; put it on screen
; display message, input x = message start relative to msg1
.proc disp
disp: stz $0 ; load some safe defaults
lda #$04
sta $1
ldy #$0 ; needs to be zero
disp0: lda msg1,x ; get message byte
bne disp1 ; proceed if nonzero
rts ; exit if 0
disp1: inx ; next byte either way
cmp #$20 ; ' '
bcc disp2 ; start of ptr if < 20
eor #$80 ; invert high bit
sta ($0),y ; write to mem
inc $0 ; inc address low byte
bra disp0 ; back to the beginning
disp2: sta $1 ; write address high
lda msg1,x ; get it
sta $0 ; write address low
inx ; set next msg byte
bra disp0 ; back to the beginning
.proc confirm
ldx #(msg3-msg1) ; ask confirm
jsr disp
jsr gtkey
ora #$20 ; to lower
cmp #$f9 ; "y"
; msg format
; A byte < $20 indicates high byte of address.
; Next byte must be low byte of address. Anything
; else are characters to display and will have their
; upper bit inverted before being written to the screen.
msg1 = *
.byte $05,$06,"0 Monitor"
.byte $05,$86,"1 Reboot"
.byte $06,$06,"2 Zero RAM Card and Reboot"
.byte $06,$86,"3 Diagnostics"
.byte $07,$06,"4 RAM Card Diagnostics"
.byte $07,$86,"5 Boot SmartPort"
.byte $04,$2e,"6 Boot Int. 5.25"
.byte $04,$ae,"7 Boot Ext. 5.25"
.byte $07,$5f,"By M.G."
msg2: .byte $07,$db,"ROM 4X 10/01/18"
.byte $05,$ae,$00 ; cursor pos in menu
msg3: .byte $05,$b0,"SURE? ",$00
.dword .time ; embed POSIX build time
; Boot4X - the boot portion of the program
.proc boot4x
jsr ntitle ; "Apple //c"
jsr rdrecov ; try to recover ramdisk
lda power2 + rx_mslot ; get action saved by reset4x
beq :+ ; unset, go look for config on ram card
pha ; save it
bra selboot ; now go do it
: lda numbanks,y ; (y should be set in rdrecov) ram card present?
beq boot6 ; nope, boot slot 6
jsr getcfg ; try to get config
bcs boot4 ; no config, normal boot
;stx $7d2
;sty $7d3
phx ; config present, save it and move on
lda #'C' ; tell user
sta $7d1 ; on screen
selboot: ldx #(msg2-msg1) ; short offset
jsr disp ; display it
pla ; get boot selection from stack
;sta $7d2
btc2: cmp #$02 ; clear ramcard
bne btc3
jsr rdclear ; do clear
bra boot4
btc3: cmp #$03 ; Diags
bne btc4
jmp $c7c4
btc4: cmp #$04 ; RX diags
bne btc5
ldx #$ff
txs ; reset stack
jsr rdinit ; get x and y loaded
stx sl_devno ; diags need this
jsr testsize ; compute card size
lda #>(monitor-1) ; load "return" address
pha ; into stack so that we
lda #<(monitor-1) ; exit card test into
pha ; the monitor
lda numbanks,y ; get the card size in banks
bne dordiag ; do diag if memory present
jmp swrts2 ; otherwise jump to monitor
dordiag: jmp $db3a ; diags
;bra boot4
btc5: cmp #$05 ; boot smartport
beq boot5
btc6: cmp #$06 ; boot int drive
beq boot6
btc7: cmp #$07 ; boot ext drive
bne boot4 ; none of the above
; copy small routine to $800 to boot
; external 5.25
ldy #.sizeof(bootext)
btc7lp: lda bootext,y
sta $800,y
bpl btc7lp
lda #$08 ; copy done
bra bootsl
boot4: lda #rx_mslot ; boot slot 4
bra bootsl
boot5: lda #$c5 ; boot slot 5
bra bootsl
boot6: lda #$c6 ; boot slot 6
bootsl: ldx #$00 ; low byte of slot
bootadr: stx $0 ; store address
sta $1 ; return to bank 0 does jmp (0)
endbt4x: lda #>(bt4xrtn-1)
lda #<(bt4xrtn-1)
jmp swrts2
.proc rdrecov
jsr rdinit ; init ramcard
lda pwrup,y ; get power up flag
cmp #pwrbyte ; already initialized?
beq recovdn ; exit if initialized
jsr testsize ; does not wreck x or y
lda numbanks,y ; get discovered # banks
beq recovdn ; no mem
stz addrl,x ; set slinky address 0
stz addrm,x
stz addrh,x
lda data,x ; start check for bootable ramdisk
cmp #$01
bne recovdn ; not bootable
lda data,x ; next byte should be nonzero and not $ff
beq recovdn ; not bootable
cmp #$ff
beq recovdn ; not bootable
lda #pwrbyte
sta pwrup,y ; set power byte
lda #'R' ; tell user
sta $7d0 ; on screen
recovdn: rts
; zero ram card space
.proc rdclear
jsr rdinit ; init ramcard
jsr testsize ; get size
lda numbanks,y ; # of 64Ks to write
beq clrdone ; no memory
lda #$c0 ; 'A' - 1
sta $400 ; upper left corner
stz addrl,x ; slinky address 0
stz addrm,x
stz addrh,x
clbnklp: inc $400 ; poor mans progress meter
ldy #$00
cl64klp: ldx #$00 ; loop for all pages in bank
cl256lp: txa ; loop for all bytes in page
ldx #rx_devno
stz data,x ; write a zero to card
bne cl256lp ; 256 byte loop
bne cl64klp ; 64K loop
ldx #rx_mslot
dec numbanks,x
bne clbnklp ; if more banks
clrdone: ldx #rx_mslot
stz pwrup,x ; zero powerup byte
lda #$a0 ; ' '
sta $400 ; clear progress
.proc rdinit
bit rx_mslot*$100 ; activate registers
ldy #rx_mslot ; slot offset
ldx #rx_devno ; register offset
; arrange a sequence of RTS tricks to display title screen
.proc ntitle
lda #>(swrts2-1) ; put return addr of swrts/swrts2 on stack
lda #<(swrts2-1)
lda #>(banner-1) ; put addr of the Title routine on the stack
lda #<(banner-1)
jmp swrts2 ; jump to swrts2
; --------------------------------------------------
; config getter
; values and locs
;chktype = $5a ; 'CFG'
chktype = $06 ; 'BIN' - easy to set auxtype with bsave
entbuf = $0280
; zp locs, safe to use under our circumstances
blkptrl = $06 ; block we are going to read
blkptrh = blkptrl + 1
entryl = $08 ; length of an entry
nentries = $09 ; number of entries per block
blkcnt = $0a ; block counter for safety
.proc getcfg
jsr rdinit
lda #$02 ; first block of volume directory
sta blkptrl
stz blkptrh
jsr setblk
lda #$03 ; want this to EOR out to $00
ldy #$04 ; check 4 bytes
: eor data,x ; check previous blk ptr for zero
bne :-
cmp #$00 ; see if A is 0
bne nocfg ; not vol dir key block, end of mission
lda #$04 ; where we expect to find volume dir header
sta addrl,x ; set data ptr
lda data,x ; volume directory header first byte
and #$f0 ; mask off length
cmp #$f0 ; storage type is $f?
bne nocfg ; nope, eom
lda #$23 ; offset of directory entry length in block
sta blkcnt ; may as well use this for the safety check
sta addrl,x ; set data pointer
lda data,x ; grab entry length
sta entryl ; save it
ldy data,x ; entries per block
sty nentries ; save it for later
bra nxtbl1 ; skip setting slinky block and nentries, already there
nxtblk: jsr setblk
beq nocfg ; just set block 0, eom
dec blkcnt ; decrease safety counter
beq nocfg ; and if we hit zero, bail out
ldy nentries ; restore # entries per block+1 into y
nxtbl1: jsr gnxtblk ; set next block pointer, leave data ptr at offset $04
nxtent: dey ; next entry, assumes y has # of entries remaining to check
bmi nxtblk ; next block if we dont have any more (hope we don't have more than $7F of them)
jsr rentry ; read directory entry
; now check storage type and name length
lda entbuf
and #$f0
beq nxtent ; if storage type = $0
and #$c0 ; mask out values $1-$3 (normal files)
bne nxtent ; if any other bits set
lda entbuf+$10 ; get type
cmp #chktype ; and check
bne nxtent ; no match, try next entry
lda entbuf ; get storage type and length
and #$0f ; mask in length
cmp #(fname_-fname) ; check length
bne nxtent
phy ; save num entries
tay ; a still has length
mtchlp: lda entbuf,y ; get file name char
cmp fname-1,y ; compare to what we are looking for
bne nomtch ; if no match
bne mtchlp ; check next char
; we have a match
ply ; discard saved num entries
ldx entbuf+$1f ; low byte of aux type
ldy entbuf+$20 ; high byte of aux type
nomtch: ply ; restore saved num entries
bra nxtent
; no config found
nocfg: sec
fname: .byte "BOOTX"
fname_ = *
; get next block pointer into blkptrl and blkptrh
.proc gnxtblk
lda #$02 ; assumes we are in first half of block
sta addrl,x ; set byte offset
lda data,x ; next block low byte
sta blkptrl
lda data,x ; next block high byte
sta blkptrh
; set slinky address to block pointer, address = blk num * 2 * $100
.proc setblk
stz addrl,x ; zero low byte of slinky address
lda blkptrl ; low byte of block pointer
; sta $7e0
asl ; shift left, high bit to c
sta addrm,x ; put into middle byte of slinky address
lda blkptrh ; get high byte of block pointer
; sta $7e1
rol ; rotate left, c into bit 0
sta addrh,x ; set high byte of slinky address
ora addrm,x ; set z flag if we just set block 0
; read a ProDOS directory entry from slinky
.proc rentry
phy ; preserve y
ldy #$00
: lda data,x
sta entbuf,y
cpy entryl
bne :-
; Display new boot failure message and jump to BASIC
.proc nbtfail
ldx #msglen
lp1: lda bootmsg,x
ora #$80
sta $7d0+19-(<msglen/2),x
bpl lp1
lda #23 ; last line
sta cv
lda #>(basic-1)
lda #<(basic-1)
jmp swrts2
.byte "No bootable device."
msglen = * - bootmsg - 1
.ifdef EN_XMODEM
.include "inc/xmodem.s"