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90 lines
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.include "iic+.defs"
.org misc5x ; max 306 bytes
bra domenu ; Display menu
bra dobann ; Display banner (title + By MG)
bra gtkey ; get a key
bra confirm ; ask SURE?
bra ntitle ; display "Apple IIc +"
dobann: jsr ntitle
ldx #(msg2-msg1) ; msg display entry point
jmp disp
domenu: jsr ntitle ; "Apple ||c +"
ldx #$00 ; menu start
jsr disp ; show it
gtkey: lda #$60
sta ($0),y ; cursor
sta kbdstrb ; clr keyboard
kbdin: lda kbd ; get key
bpl kbdin
sta kbdstrb ; clear keyboard
sta ($0),y ; put it on screen
; display message, input x = message start relative to msg1
disp: ldy #$0 ; needs to be zero
disp0: lda msg1,x ; get message byte
bne disp1 ; proceed if nonzero
rts ; exit if 0
disp1: inx ; next byte either way
cmp #$20 ; ' '
bcc disp2 ; start of ptr if < 20
eor #$80 ; invert high bit
sta ($0),y ; write to mem
inc $0 ; inc address low byte
bra disp0 ; back to the beginning
disp2: sta $1 ; write address high
lda msg1,x ; get it
sta $0 ; write address low
inx ; set next msg byte
bra disp0 ; back to the beginning
ldx #(msg3-msg1) ; ask confirm
jsr disp
jsr gtkey
ora #$20 ; to lower
cmp #$f9 ; "y"
; display "Apple IIc +" in a convoluted manner
; we push the address of swrts/swrts2 onto the stack
; and then the address of the title routine
; we then jump to swrts2 which switches banks and RTS to
; display "Apple IIc +", which then RTS to swrts, which
; switches banks back to here and RTS to our caller.
ntitle: lda #>(swrts2-1) ; put return addr of swrts/swrts2 on stack
lda #<(swrts2-1)
lda #>(banner-1) ; put addr of the Title routine on the stack
lda #<(banner-1)
jmp swrts2 ; jump to swrts2
; msg format
; A byte < $20 indicates high byte of address.
; Next byte must be low byte of address. Anything
; else are characters to display and will have their
; upper bit inverted before being written to the screen.
msg1 = *
.byte $05,$06,"0 Monitor"
.byte $05,$86,"1 Reboot"
.byte $06,$06,"2 Zero RAM Card"
.byte $06,$86,"3 Sys Diags"
.byte $07,$06,"4 RAM Card Diags"
.byte $07,$86,"5 Boot 3.5/SmartPort"
.byte $04,$2e,"6 Boot 5.25"
.byte $04,$ae,"7 Accelerator"
.byte $07,$5f,"By M.G."
msg2: .byte $07,$db,"ROM 5X 12/10/17"
.byte $05,$ae,$00 ; cursor pos in menu
msg3: .byte $05,$b0,"SURE? ",$00
; metadata to identify build conditions
.dword .time
.word .version