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Rob Greene e30da7e939 Rasbian being 32-bit seems to be a challenge now that AppleCommander has moved to a more modern variant of SWT. The new _appear_ to prevent 32-bit libraries. Pulling in the old library shows some differences in the SWT FontMetrics API (fontMetrics.getAverageCharacterWidth() vs. fontMetrics.getAverageCharWidth()). 2022-01-14 20:02:52 -06:00
Rob Greene dfc4894a72 Found that RPi 32-bit version was missing; punting at a configuration that may work based on prior efforts. 2022-01-13 19:18:29 -06:00
Rob Greene d69c923bad Multiple changes.
1. This change introduces the current SWT builds that exist in Maven;
removing the need to locate and capture the JAR files.
2. The current SWT change is to capture the new Mac OS X aarch64 builds
("Apple Silicon").
3. The current version of SWT, however, requires Java 11.
4. Due to the complexity of the prior Gradle build, it was restructured.
2021-12-19 21:19:33 -06:00
Rob Greene 8c7bfb1ad4 Making local cache of SWT libraries; bumping to SWT 4.17 for everything
but the Raspberry Pi. Seems to resolve the NPE! #49.
2020-11-16 07:57:35 -06:00