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1.4.0 (March 2018) and later are posted on GitHub under releases:
1.3.4 (2007-03-31)
* Started using the SWT S-Leak application to test for application resource leakage.
* Reports of a few issues with 800K images. UniDOS in particular doesn't appear to be
recognized appropriately. This was due to a mix-up in setting the the image ordering.
* Fixed the bug where the import of a binary file does not set the address for DOS images.
* Fixed bug that where a file could not be exported as raw binary. (Crashed AppleCommander.)
* Raw binary files may now be imported - just check the raw image checkbox in the import
* Prepare for internationalization (I18N). Started as a simplification process but it
got carried away. Text is stored in text bundles throughout the code. The files
end with The groupings are Storage, Compiler, Ui, and
Text; directories relate to the package. Contributions are more than welcome
seeing as I know very little German and it's unlikely that I'll get my wife to
spend time translating to Spanish.
* Updates per Eclipse 3.0 recommendations.
* Resolve OS X issues where window cannot come to the foreground. (J Matthews)
* Add Apple Pascal writing capability. (J Matthews)
1.3.3 (2004-06-18)
* Repackage code - packages were getting a bit large. The goal is to make class
structure/placement more logical.
- Moved the SWT wizards into their own packages;
- Separated utility classes into the util package;
- Main application windows remain in swt package.
- Moved OS formats into their respective packages in the "os" package
(dos33, prodos, cpm, rdos, pascal);
- Filters are now in the filters package.
- General storage classes remain under storage (Disk, FormattedDisk, etc).
* Added formatted assembly FileFilter. Understands Merlin format source files.
Need to recognize various formats - T.*, *.S, etc. Need examples for other
formats (Orca, APW, etc).
* File viewer window now scrolls an appropriate amount: PgUp/PgDn, arrows,
mousewheel all work (must select content area first of course).
* Wizard windows no longer show up with the title bar off the screen.
* Refactored FileViewerWindow. Created supporting FilterAdapter classes as well as
(presumably) reusable ContentAdapters. Started caching the filtered content for
a little speed improvement when switching filters (native, hex, raw) in the FileView.
* Hans Otten provided information on Apple Pascal's formatting of ".text" files - they
are now read correctly with appropriate character spacing and header section is ignored.
* Fixed error where viewing an invalid graphics file crashed AppleCommander (typically was
too short). This can be done by context menu -> View As -> Graphics.
* Further automate build (and web site) deployment.
Ant now builds source zip, GUI JAR, command-line jar, javadoc, and website. Website zip
file only needs to be extracted into the web root to be deployed. Windows executable is
scripted but not plugged into the Ant script at this time.
1.3.2 (2004-06-05)
* Print file listing or full disk listing (including subdirectories or multiple
* Added support for Super Hi-Res 3200 color format (PIC of 38400 bytes, file type
$C1 and auxiliary type $0002).
* Updated preferences to remember the following directory locations:
- Open
- Save/Save As (new)
- Import (new)
- Export
- Compile
* Added support for Finder Icons File ($CA or "ICN").
* Added CP/M disk image support.
* Restructured how AppleCommander manages disk ordering. This simplifies the
manner in which various disk ordering schemes are implemented, and makes it
possible to translate between ordering schemes.
* Support for nibble images (*.NIB) added. Can read and write to the images
as long as that format supports writing.
* To support nibble images, changed the structure surrounding the disk image
for a Disk. There now is an ImageOrder which manages the ordering of data on
the image and supplies low-level read and write routines (track/sector and
block). An ImageOrder holds data in an image layout - this allows the generic
byte array and 2IMG layouts to be abstracted away from an images order. This
does add interaction complexity but actually simplified the Disk class.
* Viewing or double-clicking on a directory will navigate into that directory.
* Viewing a deleted file no longer crashes AppleCommander - a warning message
is displayed.
* Updated Export Graphics wizard and export right-click options.
* Add the ability to change physical order too (DOS <=> ProDOS <=> Nibble)
on 140KB images.
* Add ability to compare disks - regardless of physical order.
* Started using Gimp for images (instead of Microsoft Photo Draw 2).
* Added a "View As" menu pick in context menu. (Just Text or Graphics at this time.)
1.3.1 (2003-12-12)
* Short-cut keys have been implemented.
- From AppleCommander window:
- CTRL+O = Open a disk image
- CTRL+C = Create a new disk image
- CTRL+A = About...
- From disk window
- Toolbar shortcuts:
- F2 = Standard file view
- F3 = Native file view
- F4 = Detail file view
- F5 = Show deleted files
- CTRL+I = Import files wizard
- CTRL+S = Save
- CTRL+SHIFT+S = Save As
- Directory shortcuts (in addition to toolbar shortcuts)
- "+" = expand one level
- "-" = close one level
- CTRL+"+" = expand fully
- CTRL+"-" = close fully
- File shortcuts (in addition to toolbar shortcuts)
- CTRL+E = Export file wizard
- CTRL+C = Compile BASIC program (BETA)
- CTRL+V = View file (later version)
- CTRL+D = Delete file
* Spent time ensuring that buttons, context menus, and shortcuts are enabled or
disabled as appropriate.
* Save does not allow the disk image location to be chosen for new images. (Maybe
the wizard should pay more attention?)
- Implemented Save As
- A save on a new image invokes Save As
* File preview supports:
- BASIC programs (Applesoft and Integer BASIC); Applesoft BASIC is colored
- Graphics images (same as supported by the graphics export function)
- Appleworks (database, spreadsheet, word processor)
- Text files
- Hex dump of all the above
- "Raw" format of all of the above; this includes all data as read from disk
including length and starting address as well as full sectors/blocks
- Shortcuts available:
- F2 = Native format view (as applicable)
- F3 = Hex dump view
- F4 = Raw hex dump of disk bytes (includes length or address start along
with all bytes stored on disk - a multiple of 256 or 512 depending
on disk format)
- CTRL+A = Select all (only text formats)
- CTRL+C = Copy to clipboard (only text formats)
- CTRL+P = Print
* Printing is available from the file preview.
* Copy is available from file preview except for images.
* Opening an invalid disk image (or a file that is not a disk image) no longer
crashes AppleCommander.
* Provide a command-line interface - John Matthews "ac" is now supplied as part
of the AppleCommander distribution. If AppleCommander gets no command-line
arguments, the GUI version is launched. Otherwise, AppleCommander reserves
the following messages:
-swt = force SWT version
-swing = force Swing version (N/A - may be removed)
-command = force command interpreter (not done - may be superceded by
the "ac" utility)
-help or -? = general help messages
Everything else is passed on to John's "ac" command-line version (from the
application help):
AppleCommander command line options:
-l <imagename> list directory of image.
-e <filename> <imagename> export file from image to stdout.
-g <filename> <imagename> get raw file from image to stdout.
-p <destname> <type> <addr> <imagename> put stdin
in destname on image, using file type and address.
-d <filename> <imagename> delete file from image.
-p140 <imagename> <volname> create a 140K ProDOS image.
-p800 <imagename> <volname> create a 800K ProDOS image.
1.3.0 (2003-12-05)
* HDV disks are not always created to their full capacity. AppleCommander, however,
assumes that the size of the file on disk is the size of the disk. (Really!)
This is an issue because the ProDOS bitmap indicates there is a certain
amount of space and AppleCommander just assumes that the data exists.
* Incorporated fixes from John Matthews. See:
* Early release of Applesoft BASIC compiler. This currently is limited to assembly
of small programs. If a command is not compiled, you are likely to just get an
error about expecting a line number. Expressions are not very complete. Supported
commands are:
Unsupported commands are:
Note that the compiler is not very sophisticated.
* Updated build notes and process.
* DELETE does not seem to delete in all circumstances. (JM caught this one.)
1.2.3 (2003-04-13)
* Separated image support for GraphicsFileFilter. This allows easier preparation
for compiling AppleCommander as a Windows executable (and allows limited image
support to boot).
* Compile into native executable (Windows works now).
* Work on identifying why GCJ introduces slow performance to some areas. This
appears to be resolved with an early build of GCJ 3.3.
1.2.2 (2003-03-15)
* ProDOS disks now re-use deleted file entries. Prior to this fix,
deleted entries were never re-used. If importing many files, a
"Disk Full" error would be generated rather quickly.
* ProDOS file entries do not generate spurious file entries. There
was no method of detecting unused entries in pre-1.2.2 code.
* Import file specification should only allow address editing if the filetype
requires it.
* Fixed parsing of filetype definitions for ProDOS volumes.
* Need to be able to import into a directory in ProDOS. This will most
likely involve adding an interface indicating a (writable) directory.
This interface would be applied to both disks as well as file entries,
if appropriate.
* ProDOS subdirectories need to allocate another block as they fill up; otherwise
the directory is limited to the number of entries that fit within the allocated
* Import now sports a progress indicator and identifies which file is being
* Popup dialogs are now centered above the controlling window instead of popping
up randomly.
* Added a Hex Dump file filter that displays offset into file, hex bytes, and
the ASCII code.
* AppleCommander is now being built by an ANT script instead of by the
Eclipse menu pick.
1.2.1 (2003-03-01)
* Now carries margin setting through, sets font to Courier New (more
realistic formatting), and fixes boldface not being turned off
correctly when converting AWP files to RTF format.
* Import could/should choose the filetype based upon the file extension for files
being imported. Mostly useful for ProDOS; unless a filetype mapping is
* Export of AppleWorks Data Base files.
* Export of AppleWorks Spread Sheet files.
* Fixed minor issue with ProDOS disks where files at the 128K border would
be grown (incorrectly) into a Tree file (instead of a Sapling).
* Import of multiple files fails after multiple imports. This was an issue
with ProDOS files >128K ("Tree" files). The delete code didn't handle the
master index block appropriately when blocks numbered zero were present
(normally indicating the end of file).
* DOS 3.3 was not writing correct number of sectors if a file was more than
256 sectors long.
* DOS 3.3 was not managing deleted file entries appropriately and tried to
work with track $FF.
* Fixed offset calculation for 800K DOS organized disks. This primarily
affected UniDOS.
* Import menu should be in directory pane instead of file pane.
* The information tab does not get updated. Now that the disk can be modified,
this page needs to be updated when shown.
1.2.0 (2003-02-11)
* Can now create disk images. For the moment, these images are not
bootable (including hard disk images) - they do however boot a
nifty title screen...
* Files can now be imported into disks. Formats that support this
are DOS 3.3 and ProDOS formats. (Pascal and RDOS will come at a
later point.)
* The AppleWorks export now has an option for exporting to
Rich-Text Format (RTF). This format can be loaded into many
word-processors easily.
* The graphics export option now supports Super High-Res images.
Both unpacked and packed formats. These are essentially raw dumps
from the IIGS memory that were saved to disk.
* Files can be deleted.
* Any changes to a disk image can be saved. Please be careful! It's
easy enough to keep a backup copy of your work these days.
* Two new DOS derivatives are available: UniDOS and OzDOS (both are
800K formats).
* Import from right-click menu needs to be enabled.
1.1.1 (2002-11-23)
* Fixed AppleWorks upper/lower case filename resolution. Human memory
proves to be rusty - fortunately, the folks at have a good
reference. See:
* Extract AppleWorks word processor (AWP) files. Extracts as raw text
or HTML (semi formatted). See
for a description of the AppleWorks Word Processor file type.
* Expanded wizard to include AppleWorks Word Processor format/rendering
options (text or html).
* If a filter is chosen via the drop-down menu on the button, the button
thinks it was clicked. Fixed.
* Exporting a file now warns that a file exists and will as if it should
be overwritten.
* Reorganized the user-interface classes. In particular, segmented
DiskWindow into multiple classes (each tab is a separate class now).
* Added user preferences to AppleCommander. Currently only tracks the disk
image directory and the export directory.
* Attempt to identify file filter based on file type, size, and whatever
else makes sense.
* Mark all files as GPL.
* Allow multiple file exports.
1.1.0 (2002-11-12)
* AppleCommander still not starting in Windows 98. InputStream used in
image loading was not being closed. Did not resolve issue.
* Raw extract of file data.
* Extract binary files (differs from raw extract by paying attention
to file lengths and any additional overhead which the operating system
may store.
* Extract files as text.
* Extract Applesoft files by converting tokens to strings.
* Extract Integer Basic files by converting tokens to strings.
* RDOS files are not being read correctly; maybe this is an issue with
the sector skew? Resolved that RDOS images are apparently 13 sectors.
Updated accordingly.
* Fixed bug in DOS Applesoft and Binary file length calculations.
Deleted file entries were (a) not being detected correctly which
caused (b) the read of file data to crash AppleCommander. (The initial
bytes for A and B file types indicate file length.)
* Updated FileFilter to suggest an appropriate file name.
* Extracting black & white or color (user selected) HGR file format to
PNG/JPEG (user selected). GIF is not a part of ImageIO for writing
(apparently is available for reading).
* Fixed issue in determining DOS format disks. Originally was only
checking 3 bytes of the VTOC for valid values. Extended to check for 8
valid values in the VTOC. Fixed known problem with Crisis Mountain.
* Allow graphic extraction to happen with JDK 1.3 (currently limited to
JDK 1.4). If not possible, disable graphics filter. Change export
options appropriately.
* Extract Apple double hi-res image formats (B&W, color) and convert to
PNG/JPEG. Technical specs are available at -
* Double hi-res images are extracted at 560x384 pixels to maintain
appropriate aspect ratio.
* Changed method of loading images. This fixed the Windows 98 startup issue.
* When opening a disk image on Linux, the tab is now selected. This is
done implicitly under Windows. When running under Linux (motif to
be precise), there is no default tab and it must be explicitly selected.
* Export wizard. Allows filter to be chosen along with any filter settings
(just graphics right now) and export directory. Settings are remembered
between exports.
1.0.1g (2002-10-31)
* AppleCommander would not start under Windows 98. Looking at where
the crash happened, it was the only PNG image in the system. Converted
this PNG image to GIF format and will re-release. No other code changes.
Does not resolve Windows 98 issue.
Website (2002-10-28)
* Make website and announce on comp.sys.apple2.
1.0.1 (2002-10-27)
* Fixed a number of JDK 1.3 issues - code where JDK 1.4 is fine, but
the method is not available in JDK 1.3. These were:
- NumberFormat.getIntegerInstance() ==> NumberFormat.getNumberInstance().
- BitMap set(int, boolean) ==> set(int) if true and clear(int) if false.
* Sort bug - if sorting a string that is null or zero length, a
NumberFormatException could occur.
1.0 (2002-10-27)
* Change to JDK 1.3 for compile. Needed to change entire workspace.
* Show/hide deleted files. Should be available only on disks which can hold
deleted files.
* Support .zip or .gz compression. Added support for GZIP. Unable to find
an example of a ZIP compressed archive. Deprecated DiskHelper class -
seemed to make sense to merge into the Disk interface itself.
* Modify Disk interface to give a list of file types - in a generic manner -
which would be used by the GUI instead of trying to keep GUI in synch with
the Disk interface. Added FileFilter to Disk and added getFileFilters
class method.
* Double-click on directory should expand that item.
* Fixed ProDOS filename recognition in the case of a deleted file.
* Right-click menu for directories - expand/collapse; expand all/collapse all.
* Add sorting to file table.
0.92 (2002-10-24)
* Fix icon transparency. Needed to change from PNG to GIF; apparently SWT
does not do PNG transparency.
* Don't use large font in disk usage map; on some displays, the words are
cut off and the legend doesn't fit in the window.
* Remove getDirectoryString from FileEntry interface and replace with
* In ProDOS view, if address is $0000, it should not be displayed.
* Remember column sizing in file view.
* Improved initial width guess for columns in file view.
* Do not always redraw table - do it intelligently. Checking both the list
of files and the format before deciding upon an action.
* Need icons for delete file and save image.
0.91 (2002-10-21)
* Implement changing views (standard, native, detail).
0.90 (2002-10-17)
* Initial release - basic reading of disks.