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Welcome to the Apple //ix wiki!

General Development Roadmap

  • Continue to iterate on Android support (various touchscreen phone and tablets, TVs, Android Wear, VR devices, ...)
  • Improve Mac and iOS ports, (big thanks to @jvernet for contributions here). Cydia "store" release sometime soon...
  • Maintain and improve portability to other POSIX desktop systems (Linux, *BSD, etc). Overhaul "classic" interface menus and preferences systems.
  • Improve existing tests and overhaul test suite and make it easier to write tests for various edge cases encountered with disk images. You should be able to specify that the emulator load a specific disk image, boot to a certain point, and then sample the virtual machine, softswitches, framebuffer, etc for particular expected value(s). (E.g., I should be able to write a test that shows that running the cracked version of Joust requires a fresh boot of the VM that also has striped the //e RAM with 0x0000FFFF, otherwise the game fails to load fully!)
  • Overhaul core emulation timing in general and video system timing in particular to provide the correct foundation for more conforming visuals -- especially NTSC signal color widths and "fuzziness".
  • Overhaul the audio system and possibly write integration/expectation tests for waveform output. In particular Mockingboard/Phasor integration needs a major overhaul.
  • Core emulation support for Apple //e HDD, mouse, printer, and other peripherals. Bridging these core peripherals to their modern desktop and mobile equivalents.
  • Core support for audio/video recording emulator sessions