2018-06-05 20:11:14 -04:00

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A command-line tool to convert Apple II DSK images to WOZ format.


dsk2woz input.dsk output.woz

Reads the contents of the disk input.dsk and outputs the WOZ-format file output.woz.


There are no dependencies beyond the C standard library. So e.g.

cc dsk2woz.c -o dsk2woz

DOS 3.3 versus Pro-DOS

Apple II DSK images contain implicitly-ordered sectors; the order depends on whether the image contains a DOS 3.3 image or a Pro-DOS image.

For the purposes of this tool if the file extension of the input disk has a 'p' in it then it is treated as a Pro-DOS image. Otherwise it is treated as a DOS 3.3 image.