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@ -59,15 +59,22 @@ MicroDrive/Turbo Partition Table
Each partition will be written to a separate file in the current working
By default, these images are named `partition1.po`, `partition2.po` etc.
For each partition, `mdttool` checks if the filesystem is HFS (whuch can
be easily identified). If the filesystem is not HFS it is assumed to be
ProDOS format. For both HFS and ProDOS the tool extracts the volume
name and uses for the filename.
For example:
$ mdttool -x cf-card.img
Writing 33553920 bytes to partition1.po
Writing 33553920 bytes to partition2.po
Writing 33553920 bytes to partition3.po
Writing 256016384 bytes to partition4.po
$ ~/Personal/Development/mdttool/mdttool -x cf.img
** Partition 1 ProDOS Volume 'SYSTEM.6.0.4'
Writing 33553920 bytes to SYSTEM.6.0.4.po
** Partition 2 ProDOS Volume 'H1'
Writing 33553920 bytes to H1.po
** Partition 3 HFS Volume 'GNO'
Writing 33553920 bytes to GNO.hfs
** Partition 4 HFS Volume 'GS.Apps'
Writing 402653184 bytes to GS.Apps.hfs
## Assemble a CF Card Image from a list of .PO Disk Images