Updated 3 days ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

A tile-based game engine for the Apple IIgs written in 65816 asssembly language

Updated 4 weeks ago

Install Merlin32 on your Github Actions workflows with just one simple action

Updated 1 month ago

Apple IIgs Assembly Language Crash Course

Updated 2 months ago


Updated 2 months ago

An arcade game for the Apple //GS

Updated 4 months ago

A desk accessory for the Apple IIgs which connects to an iOS device for doing speech dictation.

Updated 6 months ago

OS-free, tool-free, accurate vt100 emulator for the Apple IIgs

Updated 8 months ago

GS/OS Boot block + loader for HFS

Updated 11 months ago

An artillery style game for the Apple IIgs. But with cats.

Updated 1 year ago

Source code for ORCA/Pascal.

Updated 1 year ago

IIgs dict (RFC 2229) client

Updated 1 year ago

The "Ass-Backward Calculator" for the Apple //GS - an RPN calculator NDA

Updated 1 year ago

A markdown to teach text converter ORCA shell command for the GS based on md4c.

Updated 1 year ago