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Apple IIgs Assembly Language Crash Course

Source Files in "Lesson" Order

  • quit.s Quit, Old-School simple quit program
  • quit8.s Quit8.System, ProDOS8 simple quit program
  • quit16.s Quit16, GSOS/P16 simple quit program
  • shr1.s SHR1, Shows how to turn on SHR Graphics Mode and clear screen
  • shr2.s SHR2, Adds functions to write palettes, clear screen to color, set scan-line control bytes
  • font.s Font routines, this is a library you can include to draw text
  • shrhello.s "Hello World", Example program showing how to use the font routines
  • shrloadimg.s SHRLoadImage, Loads a PackBytes image and unpacks it to screen
  • shrloadimg.m.s macros for ToolBox calls in SHRLoadImage