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BlueSCSI v1


If you are looking for BlueSCSI v2 documentation please go here: https://github.com/BlueSCSI/BlueSCSI-v2/wiki

BlueSCSI is a low cost, easy to assemble, open hardware, and open software SCSI solution for vintage computers.

Simply drop a file onto a MicroSD card and be on your way.

You can purchase them from an authorized seller on https://bluescsi.com or download the gerbers and build one yourself!

The latest release of BlueSCSI with update instructions can be found on the Release page.


Join us in #bluescsi on the OpenRetroSCSI Discord

Documentation can be found on this wiki by using the Navigation on the right. 👉

User focused support and questions should use Discussions.

Developer focused bug reports and issues should use Issues.

Unsure where to start?

Checkout the Getting Started guide.