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# Example python script to generate a BOM from a KiCad generic netlist
# Example: Sorted and Grouped CSV BOM
Output: CSV (comma-separated)
Grouped By: Value, Footprint
Sorted By: Ref
Fields: Ref, Qnty, Value, Cmp name, Footprint, Description, Vendor
Command line:
python "pathToFile/" "%I" "%O.csv"
# Import the KiCad python helper module and the csv formatter
import kicad_netlist_reader
import kicad_utils
import csv
import sys
# A helper function to filter/convert a string read in netlist
#currently: do nothing
def fromNetlistText( aText ):
return aText
# Generate an instance of a generic netlist, and load the netlist tree from
# the command line option. If the file doesn't exist, execution will stop
net = kicad_netlist_reader.netlist(sys.argv[1])
# Open a file to write to, if the file cannot be opened output to stdout
# instead
f = kicad_utils.open_file_writeUTF8(sys.argv[2], 'w')
except IOError:
e = "Can't open output file for writing: " + sys.argv[2]
print(__file__, ":", e, sys.stderr)
f = sys.stdout
# Create a new csv writer object to use as the output formatter
out = csv.writer(f, lineterminator='\n', delimiter=',', quotechar='\"', quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)
# Output a set of rows for a header providing general information
out.writerow(['Source:', net.getSource()])
out.writerow(['Date:', net.getDate()])
out.writerow(['Tool:', net.getTool()])
out.writerow( ['Generator:', sys.argv[0]] )
out.writerow(['Component Count:', len(net.components)])
out.writerow(['Ref', 'Qnty', 'Value', 'Cmp name', 'Footprint', 'Description', 'Vendor', 'LCSC Part'])
# Get all of the components in groups of matching parts + values
# (see
grouped = net.groupComponents()
# Output all of the component information
for group in grouped:
refs = ""
# Add the reference of every component in the group and keep a reference
# to the component so that the other data can be filled in once per group
for component in group:
refs += fromNetlistText( component.getRef() ) + ", "
c = component
# Fill in the component groups common data
out.writerow([refs, len(group),
fromNetlistText( c.getValue() ),
fromNetlistText( c.getPartName() ),
fromNetlistText( c.getFootprint() ),
fromNetlistText( c.getDescription() ),
fromNetlistText( c.getField("Vendor") ),
fromNetlistText( c.getField("LCSC Part") )])