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Daniel Markstedt
Move os_integration to root level (#1085)
* Move the os_integration dir from cpp/ to root level

Co-authored-by: nucleogenic <>
2023-01-28 15:03:41 -08:00
Daniel Markstedt
Rebrand project to PiSCSI (#1016)
* Rebrand project to PiSCSI
- rascsi ->piscsi
- rasctl -> scsictl
- rasdump -> scsidump
- ras* -> piscsi* (rasutil -> piscsi_util, etc.)

* Refined the formatting and wording of the app startup banner
* Kept some references to rascsi and rasctl where backwards compatibility is concerned
* Point to the new github repo URL

Co-authored-by: nucleogenic <>
Co-authored-by: Uwe Seimet <>
2022-12-05 09:58:23 -08:00
Run web API test suite in GitHub Actions (#1009)
- Fixed ignore patterns in .dockerignore
- Added healthchecks to backend and web containers
- Reduced Docker image sizes
- Removed RaSCSI references in various areas (e.g. rascsi -> backend)
- Added compilation-only step to
- Moved apt package lists to variables
- Revert to triggering GitHub Actions runs on push
- Updated web/frontend_checks workflow to run black and flake8 against all Python sources
- Capture log files from backend/web containers
- Fix None to float conversion bug when user agent is absent or unrecognised
2022-12-04 14:31:57 +00:00
New theme for web UI (#957)
* Docker environment fixes

* New theme for web UI

* Apply breaking wrap to filenames only

* Reduce font sizes, whitespace and padding

* Right align action fields/buttons

* Improve mobile header, hide superfluous UI elements when logged out, drop placeholders from login labels, various other adjustments

* Force footer to bottom of screen

* Show manual link to logged out users

* Reduce header text size on desktop

* Fix incorrect selector ID

* Fix selector referencing old class name

* Fix right-aligned message when images table empty

* Add CSS linter/auto-formatter

* Run Stylelint + Prettier against modern theme CSS

* Select default theme based on browser’s user agent

* Style inputs on mobile/tablet devices

* Fixes for Safari 14 on iOS + iPad OS

* Explicitly define mobile browser support, switch to bare ua-parser without user-agent wrapper

* Add LICENSE file for modern theme icons

* Improve theme selection query string/field naming.

* Remove patch workaround from Docker build

* Update log level for UAs to info

* Move Bootstrap Reboot CSS to CDN

* Account for LUN column in attached devices table

* Prevent wrapping of config forms on small viewports

* Fix Stylelint issues

* Auto-format CSS with Prettier
2022-11-14 09:32:15 -08:00
Add Docker environment for development and testing of the web UI
Add --token parameter to

Add --skip-token parameter to

Install required apt packages explicitly (--no-install-recommends)

Allow standalone RaSCSI and web UI installations to specify an auth token

Add development mode to web UI (web/ --dev-mode)

Initial Docker-based development environment for Python and web UI

Bump protobuf version

Workaround for Flask development server and asyncio incompatibility

Build Python protobuf interface on container launch, if it doesn’t exist

Allow containers to be configured with environment variables, add support for token authentication

Move web UI live editing setup out of main Docker Compose config

Update dockerignore to exclude by default


Add OS_DISTRO, OS_VERSION and OS_ARCH build args

Allow extracted files to be moved to target when crossing a filesystem boundary

Reduce noise from watchmedo auto-restarts

Update Docker tag structure to rascsi:{build}-{platform}-{variant}

Prevent Docker Compose from attempting to pull images from Docker registry

Add workaround for issue #821

Allow container processes to be stopped with Ctrl+C

Update README, bind to ports 8080/8443 on the Docker host by default

Update README to clarify audience and no board connectivity

Add AIBOM and GAMERNIUM to --connect_type validation

Update cfilesystem.patch following rebase
2022-09-08 12:19:30 +01:00