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Daniel Markstedt
Rebrand project to PiSCSI (#1016)
* Rebrand project to PiSCSI
- rascsi ->piscsi
- rasctl -> scsictl
- rasdump -> scsidump
- ras* -> piscsi* (rasutil -> piscsi_util, etc.)

* Refined the formatting and wording of the app startup banner
* Kept some references to rascsi and rasctl where backwards compatibility is concerned
* Point to the new github repo URL

Co-authored-by: nucleogenic <>
Co-authored-by: Uwe Seimet <>
2022-12-05 09:58:23 -08:00
Run web API test suite in GitHub Actions (#1009)
- Fixed ignore patterns in .dockerignore
- Added healthchecks to backend and web containers
- Reduced Docker image sizes
- Removed RaSCSI references in various areas (e.g. rascsi -> backend)
- Added compilation-only step to
- Moved apt package lists to variables
- Revert to triggering GitHub Actions runs on push
- Updated web/frontend_checks workflow to run black and flake8 against all Python sources
- Capture log files from backend/web containers
- Fix None to float conversion bug when user agent is absent or unrecognised
2022-12-04 14:31:57 +00:00
New theme for web UI (#957)
* Docker environment fixes

* New theme for web UI

* Apply breaking wrap to filenames only

* Reduce font sizes, whitespace and padding

* Right align action fields/buttons

* Improve mobile header, hide superfluous UI elements when logged out, drop placeholders from login labels, various other adjustments

* Force footer to bottom of screen

* Show manual link to logged out users

* Reduce header text size on desktop

* Fix incorrect selector ID

* Fix selector referencing old class name

* Fix right-aligned message when images table empty

* Add CSS linter/auto-formatter

* Run Stylelint + Prettier against modern theme CSS

* Select default theme based on browser’s user agent

* Style inputs on mobile/tablet devices

* Fixes for Safari 14 on iOS + iPad OS

* Explicitly define mobile browser support, switch to bare ua-parser without user-agent wrapper

* Add LICENSE file for modern theme icons

* Improve theme selection query string/field naming.

* Remove patch workaround from Docker build

* Update log level for UAs to info

* Move Bootstrap Reboot CSS to CDN

* Account for LUN column in attached devices table

* Prevent wrapping of config forms on small viewports

* Fix Stylelint issues

* Auto-format CSS with Prettier
2022-11-14 09:32:15 -08:00
Create devices after bus creation (#954) 2022-11-02 08:58:59 -05:00
Daniel Markstedt
Partition and format HFS/FAT volumes in the Web UI + SMB install (#946)
- New "format as" option when creating new images; removing the image creation options from easyinstall
- Bring in HFSer as new submodule providing the driver binaries; removing the Lido driver binary from this repo
- Add SpeedTools driver option
- Point to github mirror of hfdisk, since the original git server is down
- While rearranging the easyinstall options, moved the CtrlBoard option up to the main section
- Add an easyinstall script to configure Samba, while consolidating file sharing with Netatalk
2022-11-01 16:43:24 -07:00
Architectural updates for future support of Banana Pi (#928)
* Added logic to figure out what type of host we're running on - Banana Pi or Raspberry Pi
* Split out the raspberry pi logic to separate classes that are created at start-up based upon the host configuration
* Added System Timer class for Allwinner H3 CPU
* Added stubs for GPIO BUS for Allwinner H3 CPU

Authored-by: Tony Kuker <>
2022-10-24 19:21:40 -05:00
Setup pytest, flake8, black + add API tests 2022-09-26 00:00:18 +01:00
Add Docker environment for development and testing of the web UI
Add --token parameter to

Add --skip-token parameter to

Install required apt packages explicitly (--no-install-recommends)

Allow standalone RaSCSI and web UI installations to specify an auth token

Add development mode to web UI (web/ --dev-mode)

Initial Docker-based development environment for Python and web UI

Bump protobuf version

Workaround for Flask development server and asyncio incompatibility

Build Python protobuf interface on container launch, if it doesn’t exist

Allow containers to be configured with environment variables, add support for token authentication

Move web UI live editing setup out of main Docker Compose config

Update dockerignore to exclude by default


Add OS_DISTRO, OS_VERSION and OS_ARCH build args

Allow extracted files to be moved to target when crossing a filesystem boundary

Reduce noise from watchmedo auto-restarts

Update Docker tag structure to rascsi:{build}-{platform}-{variant}

Prevent Docker Compose from attempting to pull images from Docker registry

Add workaround for issue #821

Allow container processes to be stopped with Ctrl+C

Update README, bind to ports 8080/8443 on the Docker host by default

Update README to clarify audience and no board connectivity

Add AIBOM and GAMERNIUM to --connect_type validation

Update cfilesystem.patch following rebase
2022-09-08 12:19:30 +01:00
Added Schematic PDF file and Step 3D model (#726)
* Add PDF of schematic and step file

* ignore kicad backups

* Moved PDF files to the repo

Co-authored-by: Tony Kuker <>
2022-03-13 20:32:28 -05:00
Benjamin Zeiss
restructuring towards python client library #455 (#613)
* python client library clean branch for PR. #455

* removed superfluous file. #455

* removed one more superfluous file. #455

*, .pylintrc and pylint based fixes. #455

* updated wrt. to the review comments. #455

* removed pylint documentation duplication. #455
2022-01-21 15:08:29 -08:00
Benjamin Zeiss
17497cf1fe clean squashed restructuring branch. #455 2022-01-09 20:22:19 +01:00
Daniel Markstedt
Web Interface i18n (#564)
* Add flask_babel 2.0.0 to requirements

* Partial i18n

* Use current locale for protobuf requests

* Don't store generated messages.pot in git

* Internationalize all python code

* Formatting fixes

* Partial internationalization of html

* Iterate on html i18n

* Completed i18n of code

* Improve i18n of strings

* Blurb about i18n in the readme

* Improve i18n strings

* Add the compiled files to .gitignore

* Add complete Swedish localization

* Generate localizations in

* Only compile in; better sequence

* Fix bug
2021-12-26 15:36:12 -06:00
Daniel Markstedt
OLED Screen: Inquire device status over the protobuf interface (#349)
* Inquire device status over the protobuf interface

* Correct docstring

* Direct URL to make website

* Add protobuf lib to gitignore
2021-10-19 19:59:04 -05:00
Daniel Markstedt
Move to protobuf for the webapp, major overhaul to, code comment translations (#229)
* Making saving and loading config files work with protobuf

* Formatted the Status column, and fixed the available ID logic

* Updated handling of removed status for devices without image file support

* Comment update

* Fixed typo

* Updated logging

* Updated handling of removed status for devices without image file support

* Comment update

* Fixed typo

* Updated logging

* Better handling of device status

* Updated parameter handling

* Updated setting default interfaces

* Revert "Updated setting default interfaces"

This reverts commit 210abc775d.

* Revert "Updated parameter handling"

This reverts commit 35302addd5.

* Abort with a 404 if rascsi is not running. Use any protobuf response to determine whether rascsi is running (should hardly be required anymore due to the other change, but just in case).

* Move id reservation back into __main__

* Remove check for device type when validating Removed image

* Leverage device property data for better status messages

* Remove redundant string sanitation when reading config csv file

* Clean up device list generation

* Cleanup

* Remove duplicates before building valid scsi id list

* Fully translated cfilesystem.h code comments to English; partially translated cfilesystem.cpp

* rascsi supports reserving IDs

* Updated help message

* Replaced BOOL by bool

* Logging update

* Logging update

* Cleanup

* Restructure the script to combine the install/update flows, and disallow installing the webapp by itself

* Remove redundant steps handled in Makefile

* Add the functionality to specify connect_type through a parameter

* Add validation to the argument parser allowing only STANDARD and FULLSPEC as options

* Complete translation of code comments for cfilesystem.h; partial translation for cfilesystem.cpp

* Cleanup

* Merge parts of the Network Assistant script by sonique6784; fix the run_choice startup parameter

* Improve on the network setup messages

* Fix routing address

* Add checks for previous configuration; cleanup

* Cleanup

* Remove redundant step in wired setup. Improve messages.

* Cleanup

* Added default parameters to device properties

* Return parameters a device was set up with

* Add flows for configuring custom network settings; adopting some logic by –sonique6784

* Improved device initialization

* Updated default parameter handling

* Updated default parameter handling

* Fixed typo

* Comment updates

* Comment update

* Make iso generation work again, and add error handling to urllib actions

* Manage default parameters in the respective device

* Print available network interfaces. Clean up step and improve descriptive messages.

* Make the script clean up previous configurations

* Make the script only show relevant interfaces

* Partial translation of cfilesystem.cpp

* Do not pass empty parameter string

* Added supports_params flag

* Completely translate code comments in cfilesystem.cpp

* Show rascsi-web status after installing

* Refactoring

* Made comparisons more consistent

* Updated error handling

* Updated exception handling

* Made comparisons more consistent

* Updated error handling

* Overlooked code comment translation

* Renaming

* Better error handling for socket connection

* Disable two NEC hd image types due to issue#232

* Comment update

* NEC sectors size must be 512 bytes

* Updated logging

* Updated vendor name handling

* Updated handling of media loading/unloading

* Comment update

* NEC sectors size must be 512 bytes

* Updated logging

* Updated vendor name handling

* Updated handling of media loading/unloading

* Better handling of removable disks in the web ui

* Added stoppable property and stopped status

* Made MO stoppable

* Removed duplicate code

* Removed duplicate code

* Copy read-only property

* Renaming

* Add an assistant for reserving scsi ids

* Don't show action if no device attached

* Implement a device_info app path, and cut down on device columns always shown

* Cleanup

* Removed duplicate code, added START/STOP

* Improved default parameter handling

* Updated load/eject handling

* Logging update

* Fixed typo


* Updated logging

* Updated status handling

* Updated status handling

* More status handling updates

* Logging update

* Made instance fields local variables

* Removed duplicate code, added START/STOP

* Improved default parameter handling

* Updated load/eject handling

* Logging update

* Fixed typo


* Updated logging

* Updated status handling

* Updated status handling

* More status handling updates

* Logging update

* Made instance fields local variables

* Made disk_t private

* Made some data structures private

* Fixed ARM compile issue

* Fast forward instead of rebase existing git repo

* Fixed ctapdriver initialization issue

* Reset read-only status when opening an image file

* Cleanup

* Cleanup

* Made logging more consistent

* Updated log level

* Cleanup

* Log load/eject on error level for testing

* Revert "Log load/eject on error level for testing"

This reverts commit d35a15ea8e.

* Assume drive is not ready after having been stopped

* Updated status handling

* Make the csv config files store all relevant device data for reading

* Read 9 column csv config files

* Fixed typo

* Rebuild manpage

* Fixed issue #234 (MODE SENSE (10) returns wrong mode parameter header)

* Removed unused code

* Enum data type update

* Removed duplicate range check

* Removed duplicate code

* Removed more duplicate code

* Logging update

* SCCD sector size was not meant to be configurable

* Better error handling for csv reading and writing

* Updated configurable sector size properties

* Removed assertion

* Improved error handling

* Updated error handling

* Re-added special error handling only relevant for SASI

* Added TODOs

* Comment update

* Added override modifier

* Removed obsolete debug flag (related code was not called)

* Comment and logging updates

* Removed obsolete try/catch

* Revert "Removed obsolete try/catch"

This reverts commit 39ca12d8b1.

* Comment update

* Removed duplicate code

* Updated error messages, use more foreach loops

* Avoid storing RaSCSI generated product info in config file

* Updated logging

* Logging update

* Save config files in json instead of csv

* Fix bugs with json config loading

* Refactoring & remove unused code

* Refactoring

* Display upper case file endings in file management list

* Only show product vendor for non-RaSCSI devices in the device list

* Translate code comment

* Refactoring

* Fix bad identation

* Improve valid file extension handling

* Add validation when attaching removable media

* Display valid file endings under the file list

* Cleanup

* Don't store 0 block size

* Fix indentation

* Read and write config files in key:pair format

* Add section for controlling logging

* README update

* Added block_count

* Cleanup, fix typos

* Support attaching CD-ROM with custom block size

* Evaluate block size when inserting a media

* rasctl display capacity if available

* Info message update

* Use kwargs for device attachment

* Fix bugs in attach_image kwargs; make config file more readable

* POC for attaching device with profile

* Only list product types valid for the particular image file

* Perform validation of HDD image size based on the product profile

* Implement sidecar config files for drive images.

* Added missing product name to NEC vital product data

* MO block size depends on capacity only

* Better error handling for device sidecar config loading

* Extended property/status display

* Property display update

* Updated error handling

* Handle image sizes in bytes internally

* Revert change

* Resolve bad merge

Co-authored-by: Uwe Seimet <>
2021-09-14 21:51:12 -05:00
Donald Burr
f2f2eece59 Add Vim "*~" backup files to gitignore 2021-09-07 12:44:11 -07:00
Eric Helgeson
Speed up web uploads and various fixes (#158)
* Move to bjoern

* Stream upload

* wip

* Streams

* check for filename

* Allow easyinstall to be scripted

* Tell user we're done

* show help

* ignore hfdisk

* fix var

* Allow override of remote by setting GIT_REMOTE, default to origin

* Better handling of local changes

* Give user more info

* Fix #156 - show all supported types in web interface

* *.mos does not seem to be valid - ractl throws error

* Try some minor optomizations
Error handling
2021-07-31 10:52:09 -05:00
Eric Helgeson
f4513ca87e Add start script to simplify oled install 2021-03-07 09:28:40 -06:00
Eric Helgeson
0b78f09f8d Add DaynaPORT config to web
Add bridge-utils

Minor fixes to easyinstall

Can now save config, detach all devices

Bridge script error out if any command fails
2021-02-01 19:48:56 -06:00
Tony Kuker
bc561d65dd Changed system call to use fork/wait. Moved some disk functions out of the header 2021-01-30 12:36:18 -06:00
Eric Helgeson
New Web Interface (#69)
* gitignore

* New Web Interface
Fixed spacing/tabs in easy install
Added migration check
Fix update web not actually updating

Migrating from

* Allow user to select multiple types when creating images

* Show all devices even if nothing is attached.

* If attaching an iso to a cd device, dont detach, just insert

* UI feedback and restart rascsi service

* Check for any non-0 exit code for apache2 detection

* Pretty/informative 502

* Add confirms to some actions. Works in netscape 4.7

* Fix order of params for create_new_image

* Move non-route method to service

* Add method for getting logs

* Move settings to single file
add ability to mock commands for local dev
2020-12-30 19:39:32 -06:00