Elliot Nunn dfc33860bc Sundry improvements
I have been patching empw ad hoc. It would be too much trouble to
separate out all my changes so far. Highlights:
- Basilisk II (-b) for when you need more RAM (jankier UI, though)
- larger disk images
- support for partitioned images, *if* you create them yourself
- support for stderr and return codes (but not stdin yet)
- support for running from a subdirectory
- UNIX->Mac path conversion
2018-05-10 23:38:17 +08:00

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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from sys import argv
from subprocess import run, PIPE, DEVNULL
from os import path
srcimg = 'SourceForEmulator.dmg'
rsync_opts = [
'--exclude', '.*', # Down with dotfiles.
'--exclude', srcimg,
'--exclude', 'Desktop DB',
'--exclude', 'Desktop DF',
'--exclude', 'Desktop Folder',
'--exclude', 'Trash',
'--exclude', 'TheVolumeSettingsFolder',
'--exclude', 'TheFindByContentFolder',
'-tX', # consider times and xattrs
'--delete', # may delete things on the vMac drive
# '--itemize-changes',
cmdresult = run(['hdiutil', 'attach', '-nobrowse', srcimg], stdout=PIPE, check=True).stdout.decode('ascii')
mountpoint = next(x for x in cmdresult.split() if x.startswith('/') and not x.startswith('/dev'))
mountpoint = mountpoint.rstrip('/') # try to deal in clean paths
run(['rsync', *rsync_opts, mountpoint+'/', './'], check=True)
run(['hdiutil', 'detach', mountpoint], stdout=DEVNULL, check=True)