A Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX
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A Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX (and A/UX only).

Shoebill is an all-new, BSD-licensed Macintosh II emulator designed from the ground up with the singular goal of running A/UX.

Shoebill requires a Macintosh II, IIx or IIcx ROM, and a disk image with A/UX installed.

Download the latest release, and then see the getting started wiki.
Also check out screenshots.

Update (March 29, 2023): About issues/pull requests

I just wanted to say that I appreciate some folks are still using Shoebill and submitting issues and pull requests. I wish I could continue working on this project, but there's a likely conflict of interest, and so I've mostly avoided pushing changes. I apologize for being unable to address the many, many bugs in this repo. (Also for anyone unaware, Qemu is now able now to run A/UX 3.x on its emulated Quadra 800.)

Update (Sept 13, 2015): Shoebill 0.0.5 is available

This will probably be the last release. I won't be able to work on Shoebill going forward (by contractual obligation), so I wanted to race out one last release. Only an OS X binary is available, sorry, and it's very unpolished. But the SDL GUI should still build on linux/windows.


  • A/UX 1.1.1 through 3.1 (and 3.1.1 a little)

Currently Implements

  • 68020 CPU (mostly)
  • 68881 FPU (mostly)
  • 68851 PMMU (just enough to boot A/UX)
  • SCSI
  • ADB
  • PRAM
  • Ethernet (via emulated Apple EtherTalk/DP8390 card)
  • A NuBus video card with 24-bit depth.

Does not implement (yet)

  • Sound
  • Floppy
  • Serial ports