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<title> µvMac - early Macintosh emulator </title>
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<h1> µvMac </h1>
<b> An emulator for early (68000-based) Macintoshes </b>
<h3> <a href="about.html">About</a> </h3>
Summary: µvMac (micro vMac) is an emulator allows modern computers
to run software made for early Macintosh
computers, the computers that Apple sold from 1984 to 1996
based upon Motorola's 680x0 microprocessors.
This is a fork of Mini vMac, maintained by
<a href="https://invisibleup.com">InvisibleUp</a>. The original page for Mini
vMac is hosted at <a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/">gryphel.com</a>.
<h3> <a href="screens/index.html">Screenshots</a> </h3>
<p>What it looks like. For example, a Macintosh Plus running System 7.5.5:</p>
<img src="https://www.gryphel.com/d/minivmac/screen.gif" width=514 height=344 border=0 />
<h3> <a href="license.html">License</a> (GPL v2) </h3>
<h3> <a href="credits.html">Credits</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="faq.html">FAQ</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="ports.html">Ports</a> </h3>
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<h2> How to Use </h2>
<h3> <a href="start.html">Getting Started</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="use.html">Using Mini vMac</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="recipes/index.html">Recipes</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="control.html">User Interface Instructions</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="extras/index.html">Extra Macintosh Software</a> </h3>
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<h2> Development reference </h2>
<h3> <a href="change/index.html">Changelog</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="hardware.html">Emulated Hardware Reference</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="options.html">Compile options</a> (obsolete, for dev reference only) </h3>
<h3> <a href="contents.html">Source contents</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="build.html">Compiling</a> (obsolete) </h3>
<h3> <a href="develop.html">Developer-specific compile options</a> (also obsolete) </h3>
<h3> <a href="appc/index.html">Driver compile instructions</a> </h3>
<h3> <a href="local/index.html">Localization</a> </h3>