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<title> Setup Tool Configuration in Mini vMac </title>
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<h3 align=center>
Mini vMac
<h3 align=center>
Setup Tool Configuration
<p> This page lists compile time options for the setup tool
that can be inserted into the file &ldquo;setup/CONFIGUR.i&rdquo;,
useful to people who wish to develop or maintain Mini vMac.
Also see the
<a href="develop.html">Options for Developers</a> page for
options that can be passed to the compiled setup tool.
<p> First see the <a href="build.html">Build</a> page to
learn how to compile Mini vMac. </p>
<h4> <a name="in"> ... Options Index ... </a> </h4>
<p><a href="setupcfg.html#option_e">Development Environment</a></p>
<p><a href="setupcfg.html#option_ev">Development Environment Version</a></p>
<p><a href="setupcfg.html#option_cl">Use Command Line</a></p>
<p><a href="setupcfg.html#option_maintainer">Maintainer Name</a></p>
<p><a href="setupcfg.html#option_homepage">Home Page</a></p>
<p> : </p>
<p> <a name="option_e"> <b> Development Environment </b> </a> </p>
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_xcd /* Apple XCode */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_msv /* Microsoft Visual C++ */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_mpw /* Macintosh Programmers Workshop */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_mw8 /* Metrowerks CodeWarrior */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_bgc /* Gnu tools */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_lcc /* lcc-win32 - Jacob Navia */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_dvc /* Bloodshed Dev-C++ */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_mgw /* MinGW */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_cyg /* Cygwin */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_snc /* Sun tools */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_dmc /* Digital Mars Compiler */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_plc /* Pelles C Compiler */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_dkp /* devkitpro */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_ccc /* Generic command line c compiler */
#define cur_ide gbk_ide_mvc /* Mini vMac C (a specific version of gcc) */
Mini vMac C is just the set of compilers that is
used to build official binaries. Currently it is a set
of GCC cross compilers and supporting files built with
gcc-4.7.4, gmp-4.3.2, mpfr-2.4.2, mpc-0.8.1, and mingw-w64-v4.0.6.
<p> <a name="option_ev"> <b> Development Environment Version </b> </a> </p>
#define ide_vers 1000 /* Apple Xcode 1.0 */
#define ide_vers 1500 /* Apple Xcode 1.5 */
#define ide_vers 2100 /* Apple Xcode 2.1 */
#define ide_vers 2200 /* Apple Xcode 2.2 */
#define ide_vers 2210 /* Apple Xcode 2.2.1 */
#define ide_vers 2300 /* Apple Xcode 2.3 */
#define ide_vers 2400 /* Apple Xcode 2.4 */
#define ide_vers 2410 /* Apple Xcode 2.4.1 */
#define ide_vers 3100 /* Apple Xcode 3.1 */
#define ide_vers 4000 /* Apple Xcode 4.0 */
#define ide_vers 4630 /* Apple Xcode 4.6.3 */
#define ide_vers 6200 /* Apple Xcode 6.2 */
#define ide_vers 6320 /* Apple Xcode 6.3.2 */
#define ide_vers 6400 /* Apple Xcode 6.4 */
#define ide_vers 7310 /* Apple Xcode 7.3.1 */
#define ide_vers 8210 /* Apple Xcode 8.2.1 */
#define ide_vers 9410 /* Apple Xcode 9.4.1 */
#define ide_vers 6000 /* Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 */
#define ide_vers 7000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 */
#define ide_vers 7100 /* Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 */
#define ide_vers 8000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 */
#define ide_vers 9000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 */
#define ide_vers 10000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 */
#define ide_vers 11000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 */
#define ide_vers 12000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 */
#define ide_vers 14000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 */
#define ide_vers 15000 /* Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 */
<p> <a name="option_cl"> <b> Use Command Line </b> </a> </p>
#define UseCmndLine 1 /* use command line tools */
<p> For Apple Xcode, Microsoft Visual C++, and lcc-win32, this option
generates a makefile for use with the command line
tools, instead of project file for the IDE. </p>
<p> <a name="option_maintainer"> <b> Maintainer Name </b> </a> </p>
<p> If you are going to distribute the version of
Mini vMac that you compile to other people, you
should specify the maintainer name with a line
like this: </p>
#define kMaintainerName "Your name here"
<p> If you don't specify this option, the maintainer
name defaults to &ldquo;unknown&rdquo;. </p>
<p> <a name="option_homepage"> <b> Home Page </b> </a> </p>
<p> If you are going to distribute the version of
Mini vMac that you compile to other people,
and you have a webpage for it, you should
specify the webpage with: </p>
#define kStrHomePage "Your webpage here"
<p> This string is displayed by the About
command of Mini vMac.
If you don't specify this option, the homepage
defaults to
<p> : </p>
<p> If you find Mini vMac useful, please consider
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/help/index.html">helping the Gryphel Project</A>.
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/index.html">
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<p> Next - <b><a href="ports.html">Ports by other people</a></b> </p>
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