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<title> Getting started with Mini vMac </title>
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<h3 align=center>
Getting started with
<h3 align=center>
Mini vMac
<p> First, if you have not already done so,
<a href="dnld_std.html">download a standard variation</a>,
choosing the appropriate version of Mini vMac for your operating system.
If your web browser doesn&rsquo;t automatically expand it, do
so manually.
<p> Next you will need a
<a href="hardware.html#rom">ROM</a>
image file from a Macintosh Plus.
This file should be named &ldquo;vMac.ROM&rdquo;.
A utility such as
&ldquo;<a href="extras/copyroms/index.html">CopyRoms</a>&rdquo;
can be used to obtain this file from your Macintosh
Plus. (If you don&rsquo;t have a Macintosh Plus, you could check the
&ldquo;<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/buymac/index.html">Where to buy an old Macintosh</a>&rdquo;
(And before you ask, the FAQ page has a section about
<a href="faq.html#rom">ROM images</a>.)
Next, you will need a bootable disk image
for the Macintosh Plus. You can download
the two System 6.0.8 install disks from Apple:
&ldquo;<a href="http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Older_System/System_6.0.x/SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin">SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin</a>&rdquo;
&ldquo;<a href="http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Older_System/System_6.0.x/SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk2of2.sea.bin">SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk2of2.sea.bin</a>&rdquo;.
Use any modern version of the program Stuffit Expander
(now from Smith Micro Inc.)
to get the disk image &ldquo;System Startup&rdquo;
from &ldquo;SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin&rdquo;.
(If you can't use Stuffit Expander, or don't wish to install it, see the
<a href="sit_alt.html">Alternatives</a> page.)
Now launch Mini vMac. For most operating systems, you can
double click on the application&rsquo;s icon.
Unless Mini vMac finds the ROM image file in one of the
places it looks, it will display this message in the
new window it opens:
<div> <img src="https://www.gryphel.com/d/minivmac/start0.gif" width=514 height=344 border=0 alt="waiting for ROM"> </div>
To get past this, drag the icon of your ROM image
file, &ldquo;vMac.ROM&rdquo;, onto the Mini vMac window.
<p> The Mini vMac window should
fill with a gray pattern, with
a picture of a floppy disk in the
center, with a blinking question mark on it: </p>
<div> <img src="https://www.gryphel.com/d/minivmac/start1.gif" width=514 height=344 border=0 alt="blinking question mark"> </div>
<p> Drag the icon of your bootable disk image,
&ldquo;System Startup&rdquo;, onto the
Mini vMac window. The emulated computer
should boot from this image, starting
up the Finder, with a menu bar at
the top of the emulated screen: </p>
<div> <img src="https://www.gryphel.com/d/minivmac/start2.gif" width=514 height=344 border=0 alt="System 6"> </div>
<p> When you&rsquo;re done looking at this,
choose the &ldquo;Shut Down&rdquo; command
from the &ldquo;Special&rdquo; menu on the
emulated screen: </p>
<div> <img src="https://www.gryphel.com/d/minivmac/start3.gif" width=514 height=344 border=0 alt="Shut Down"> </div>
<p> Then click on the
close box of the Mini vMac window
to quit the application. </p>
<p> : </p>
<p> Next - <b><a href="use.html">Using Mini vMac</a></b> </p>
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<p> If you find Mini vMac useful, please consider
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/help/index.html">helping the Gryphel Project</A>,
of which it is a part. </p>
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