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<title> Using Mini vMac </title>
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Mini vMac
<p> What next, after reading the
<a href="start.html">Getting Started with Mini vMac</a>
page :</p>
<p> <b> ROM location </b> </p>
You can avoid having to tell Mini vMac where the ROM image file
is on every launch by putting the file in one of the places
that Mini vMac looks for it.
The simplest place is in the folder containing
the Mini vMac application. The ROM image file needs to be
named &ldquo;vMac.ROM&rdquo;.
See the
<a href="hardware.html#rom">ROM</a>
section of the Emulated Hardware Reference for the full list
of places.
In recent versions of OS X, putting the ROM image in the
application folder does not work due to
the &ldquo;Path Randomization&rdquo; misfeature. See the
<a href="osx_note.html">OS X notes</a> for a way
to turn this off. Otherwise, use one of the other locations.
<p> <b> Try the <a href="recipes/index.html">Recipes for Mini vMac</a> </b> </p>
These are How-To guides that go beyond the Getting Started guide.
<p> <b> Read the <a href="index.html">documentation</a> </b> </p>
The <a href="control.html">Control</a> page, about
the user interface, and the emulated
<a href="hardware.html">Hardware</a> reference
are rather dense, but have a lot of useful information.
<p> <b> Install System Software </b> </p>
<p> The System 6.0.8 installer disk used in the
Getting Started page
is not intended to be used as your normal boot disk.
Instead you should run the installer to install the
system software on a blank disk.
You can get a new blank disk image from the
&ldquo;<a href="../../c/minivmac/extras/blanks/index.html">Blanks</a>&rdquo;
(You will need the second installer disk for this,
&ldquo;System Additions&rdquo;, which is contained in
&ldquo;SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk2of2.sea.bin&rdquo;.) </p>
<p> Other system versions are also available from Apple. The
<a href="../sw/index.html">Macintosh Plus System Software</a>
pages contain selected links.
<p> <b> Get Macintosh Software </b> </p>
<p> The
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/sw/index.html">Software</a> pages have
hundreds of programs that will run on a Macintosh Plus,
repackaged into the zipped disk image format that is convenient for use
with Mini vMac.
<p> The <a href="extras/index.html">Mini vMac Extras</a>
are a collection of software made to be used with Mini vMac. </p>
To use your own programs from other sources with Mini vMac, you will
first need to get it into a disk image. This can be done with the
<a href="extras/importfl/index.html">ImportFl</a>
<p> <b> Learn about Macintosh </b> </p>
<p> One source of general Macintosh information is old books. They usually
can be found used quite cheaply. My
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/books/index.html">Books about Macintosh 680x0</a>
index lists many, including Amazon links. </p>
<p> <b> Getting Help </b> </p>
<p> If you have a question about using Mini vMac,
it is usually quickest to check the
Mini vMac documentation and the Mini vMac
<a href="faq.html">FAQ</a>
(Frequently Asked Questions).
If that doesn't help you can ask on one of the various internet
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/forums/index.html">forums related to Mini vMac</a>,
or ask me directly using the
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/feedback.html">feedback</a>
<p> <b> Give Help </b> </p>
<p> If you find Mini vMac useful, please consider
<a href="https://www.gryphel.com/c/help/index.html">helping the Gryphel Project</A>,
of which it is a part. </p>
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<p> Next - <b><a href="recipes/index.html">Recipes for Mini vMac</a></b> </p>
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