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English fork of the Japanese RaSCSI project. RaSCSI allows a Raspberry Pi to function as emulated SCSI devices (hard disk, CD-ROM, and others) for vintage SCSI-based computers and devices.

Updated 15 hours ago

🖥 A virtual Apple Macintosh with System 8, running in Electron. I'm sorry.

Updated 2 weeks ago

An interface for Apple's LocalTalk networking protocol.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A pure Python, cross-platform library/tool for reading Macintosh resource data, as stored in resource forks and .rsrc files

Updated 1 month ago

Mini vMac for iOS

Updated 2 months ago

Bootable stuff for PowerPC-based macs ; boots through OpenFirmware

Updated 4 months ago

Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager (MLVWM) configuration files

Updated 6 months ago

Mozilla for Power Macintosh.

Updated 6 months ago

Bluetooth and ADB Mouse Converter for Macintosh 128/512/Plus and Apple Lisa

Updated 8 months ago

CR2032 to 1/2AA converter to use in various old Macintosh computers that used 1/2AA batteries as the PRAM battery.

Updated 9 months ago

A port of GRC's "TIP: Zip & Jaz Drive and Cartridge Testing System" for 68k and PowerPC Macintosh systems

Updated 1 year ago

Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager (official repo)

Updated 2 years ago

µvMac - cleaned up fork of the Macintosh emulator Mini vMac

Updated 2 years ago

An adapter to allow you to use any standard 50-pin SCSI device as the Macintosh Portable hard drive.

Updated 2 years ago

Standard Macintosh Toolbox C Boilerplate Code to help kick-start your own profitable career in Macintosh 68k or PPC Development

Updated 4 years ago

Old Macintosh format converter.

Updated 4 years ago

Manage and run multiple BasiliskII VMs.

Updated 4 years ago