Simple Arduino-based EEPROM programmer
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TommyPROM - An Arduino-based EEPROM programmer

This is a simple EEPROM programmer and reader that can be assembled using an Arduino and a few additional parts. The original code was specific to the 28C256 32Kx8 EEPROM, but it has been extended to also support Intel 8755A EPROMS and some 29C010 Flash.

Features include:

  • Simple hardware design that can be assembled on a breadboard.
  • ROM images transfers using XMODEM - no special host client needed.
  • Support for fast block EEPROM writes - a 32K EEPROM will program in just a few seconds.
  • Optimized code that supports the timing requirements needed to unlock the 28C series Software Protection Algorithm.
  • Modular software design to easily support other EEPROM and EPROM families.

TommyPROM Nano Hardware

See the documentation pages for the full documentation with hardware, software, and troubleshooting tips.

Further Work

  • Add a new PromDevice class for 27 series EPROMS.
  • Additional error checking in the CmdLine code.