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; minimal monitor for EhBASIC and 6502 simulator V1.05
; To run EhBASIC on the simulator load and assemble [F7] this file, start the simulator
; running [F6] then start the code with the RESET [CTRL][SHIFT]R. Just selecting RUN
; will do nothing, you'll still have to do a reset to run the code.
.include "basic.asm"
; put the IRQ and MNI code in RAM so that it can be changed
IRQ_vec = VEC_SV+2 ; IRQ code vector
NMI_vec = IRQ_vec+$0A ; NMI code vector
; setup for the 6502 simulator environment
IO_AREA = $F000 ; set I/O area for this monitor
ACIAsimwr = IO_AREA+$01 ; simulated ACIA write port
ACIAsimrd = IO_AREA+$04 ; simulated ACIA read port
; now the code. all this does is set up the vectors and interrupt code
; and wait for the user to select [C]old or [W]arm start. nothing else
; fits in less than 128 bytes
*= $FF80 ; pretend this is in a 1/8K ROM
; reset vector points here
CLD ; clear decimal mode
LDX #$FF ; empty stack
TXS ; set the stack
; set up vectors and interrupt code, copy them to page 2
LDY #END_CODE-LAB_vec ; set index/count
LDA LAB_vec-1,Y ; get byte from interrupt code
STA VEC_IN-1,Y ; save to RAM
DEY ; decrement index/count
BNE LAB_stlp ; loop if more to do
; now do the signon message, Y = $00 here
LDA LAB_mess,Y ; get byte from sign on message
BEQ LAB_nokey ; exit loop if done
JSR V_OUTP ; output character
INY ; increment index
BNE LAB_signon ; loop, branch always
JSR V_INPT ; call scan input device
BCC LAB_nokey ; loop if no key
AND #$DF ; mask xx0x xxxx, ensure upper case
CMP #'W' ; compare with [W]arm start
BEQ LAB_dowarm ; branch if [W]arm start
CMP #'C' ; compare with [C]old start
BNE RES_vec ; loop if not [C]old start
JMP LAB_COLD ; do EhBASIC cold start
JMP LAB_WARM ; do EhBASIC warm start
; byte out to simulated ACIA
STA ACIAsimwr ; save byte to simulated ACIA
; byte in from simulated ACIA
LDA ACIAsimrd ; get byte from simulated ACIA
BEQ LAB_nobyw ; branch if no byte waiting
SEC ; flag byte received
CLC ; flag no byte received
no_load ; empty load vector for EhBASIC
no_save ; empty save vector for EhBASIC
; vector tables
.word ACIAin ; byte in from simulated ACIA
.word ACIAout ; byte out to simulated ACIA
.word no_load ; null load vector for EhBASIC
.word no_save ; null save vector for EhBASIC
; EhBASIC IRQ support
PHA ; save A
LDA IrqBase ; get the IRQ flag byte
LSR ; shift the set b7 to b6, and on down ...
ORA IrqBase ; OR the original back in
STA IrqBase ; save the new IRQ flag byte
PLA ; restore A
; EhBASIC NMI support
PHA ; save A
LDA NmiBase ; get the NMI flag byte
LSR ; shift the set b7 to b6, and on down ...
ORA NmiBase ; OR the original back in
STA NmiBase ; save the new NMI flag byte
PLA ; restore A
.byte $0D,$0A,"6502 EhBASIC [C]old/[W]arm ?",$00
; sign on string
; system vectors
*= $FFFA
.word NMI_vec ; NMI vector
.word RES_vec ; RESET vector
.word IRQ_vec ; IRQ vector