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## License
Copyright © 2016-2022 [Steven Hugg](https://github.com/sehugg).
Copyright © 2016-2024 [Steven E. Hugg](https://github.com/sehugg).
This project is [GPL-3.0](https://github.com/sehugg/8bitworkshop/blob/master/LICENSE) licensed.
Dependencies retain their original licenses.
This project, unless specifically noted, is multi-licensed.
You may choose to adhere to the terms of either the [GPL-3.0](https://github.com/sehugg/8bitworkshop/blob/master/LICENSE) License for the entire project or respect the individual licenses of its dependencies and included code samples, as applicable.
All included code samples (all files under the presets/ directory) are licensed under
This project includes various dependencies, modules, and components that retain their original licenses.
For detailed licensing information for each dependency, please refer to the respective files and documentation.
All included code samples located in the presets/ directory are licensed under
unless otherwise licensed.
unless a different license is explicitly stated within the specific code sample.
## Dependencies
The IDE uses custom forks for many of these, found at https://github.com/sehugg?tab=repositories
### Emulators
* https://javatari.org/
@ -113,6 +115,8 @@ The IDE uses custom forks for many of these, found at https://github.com/sehugg?
* https://github.com/sehugg/8bitworkshop-compilers
* https://github.com/sehugg/8bit-tools
* https://github.com/sehugg/awesome-8bitgamedev
* https://github.com/sehugg?tab=repositories
## Tool Server (experimental)