An attempt at a small Verilog implementation of the original Apple 1 on an FPGA

Updated 3 years ago

Project to provide keyboard replacements for various classic computers, as well as classic ASCII keyboard

Updated 6 days ago

A 6502 computer inspired by the Apple 1.

Updated 5 years ago

Simple Apple I-inspired 6502 computer in Verilog

Updated 4 years ago

Apple 1 Emulator with PAL RF Output

Updated 5 years ago

Apple-1 Serial Interface

Updated 5 hours ago

Apple-1 RAM/ROM Cartridge

Updated 3 months ago

SmartyKit 1 computer construction kit drivers and software. (Apple 1-compatible)

Updated 1 week ago

Apple 1 Replica Project

Updated 4 months ago

An expandable SBC-version of the Apple 1 computer, easy to get started with and lot of cool stuff that can be added to it!

Updated 12 months ago

Playing around with an Arduino and a breadboard is a lot of fun, but I wanted to include my retro-computer builds so I made the project boards to make this a lot easier (for me). Also includes a few projects, some of them in the form of PCBs as well!

Updated 2 years ago

apple1 for MiST FPGA

Updated 10 months ago

Apple-1 Serial Interface Kicad PCB design

Updated 3 months ago

Apple-1 Port Expander Kicad PCB design

Updated 2 years ago

FPGA recreation of the original Apple 1 display circuit

Updated 3 years ago