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; a1mon68: a rewrite of the Apple 1 monitor to run on an MC6800
; microprocessor, rather than the MCS6502 microprocessor that
; was standard.
; Copyright 2011 Eric Smith <spacewar@gmail.com>
; This source code will assemble with the AS Macro Assembler:
; http://john.ccac.rwth-aachen.de:8000/as/
; With minor changes it should assemble with any MC6800 assembler.
; This program is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify it
; under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 as
; published by the Free Software Foundation.
; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
; along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
cpu 6800
xam equ $0024 ; two bytes
st equ $0026 ; two bytes
h equ $0028
l equ $0029
mode equ $002b
ysav equ $002c ; two bytes
inptr equ $002e ; two bytes
in equ $0200
kbd equ $d010
kbd_cr equ $d011
dsp equ $d012
dsp_cr equ $d013
org $ff00
reset: ; cld ; No decimal mode on 6800, so we don't need
; need to clear it.
; cli ; Disable interrupts - not actually needed on reset.
ldab #$7f ; Mask for DSP data direction register.
stab dsp ; Set it up.
ldab #$a7 ; KBD and DSP control register mask.
stab kbd_cr ; Enable interrupts, set CA1, CB1, for
stab dsp_cr ; positive edge sense/output mode.
lds #$01ff ; On the 6502, the monitor didn't initialize the
; stack pointer, which was OK because it was
; guaranteed to be somewhere in page 1. Not so
; on the 6800!
; Ideally, I'd take advantage of the stack
; starting right before the input buffer to
; save a few bytes, but I haven't yet figured
; out how to do it.
; Note that B contains $a7 here, which means that the incb below will
; set the negative flag, causing the bpl to fall through into escape.
; This saves us a "bra escape" instruction here.
; Get a line of input from the keyboard, echoing to display.
; Normally enter at escape or getline.
notcr: cmpa #$df ; "_"? [NB back arrow]
beq backspace ; Yes.
cmpa #$9b ; ESC?
beq escape ; Yes.
inx ; Advance text index.
bpl nextchar ; Auto ESC if > 127.
escape: ldaa #$dc ; "\".
jsr echo ; Output it.
getline: ldaa #$8d ; CR.
jsr echo ; Output it.
ldx #in+1 ; Initiallize [sic] text index.
ldab #1
backspace: dex ; Back up text index.
bmi getline ; Beyond start of line, reinitialize.
nextchar: ldaa kbd_cr ; Key ready?
bpl nextchar ; Loop until ready.
ldaa kbd ; Load character. B7 should be '1'.
staa ,x ; Add to text buffer.
bsr echo ; Display character.
cmpa #$8d ; CR?
bne notcr ; No.
; Process an input line.
cr: ldx #in+256-1 ; Reset text index to in-1, +256 so that
; 'inc inptr+1' will result in $0200.
stx inptr
clra ; For XAM mode. 0->B.
setblok: asl a ; Leaves $56 if setting BLOCK XAM mode.
setmode: staa mode ; $00 = XAM, $BA = STOR, $56 = BLOK XAM.
blskip: inc inptr+1 ; Advance text index.
nextitem: ldx inptr
ldaa ,x ; Get character.
cmpa #$8d ; CR?
beq getline ; Yes, done this line.
cmpa #$ae ; "."?
beq setblok ; Set BLOCK XAM mode.
bls blskip ; Skip delimiter.
cmpa #$ba ; ":"?
beq setmode ; Yes, set STOR mode.
cmpa #$d2 ; "R"?
beq run ; Yes, run user program.
clr l ; $00->L.
clr h ; and H.
stx ysav ; Save Y for comparison.
nexthex: ldx inptr
ldaa ,x ; Get character for hex test.
eora #$b0 ; Map digits to $0-9.
cmpa #$09 ; Digit?
bls dig ; Yes.
adda #$89 ; Map letter "A"-"F" to $FA-FF.
cmpa #$f9 ; Hex letter?
bls nothex ; No, character not hex.
dig: asla ; Hex digit to MSD of A.
ldab #$04 ; Shift count.
hexshift: asla ; Hex digit left, MSB to carry.
rol l ; Rotate into LSD.
rol h ; Rotate into MSD's.
decb ; Done 4 shifts?
bne hexshift ; No, loop.
inc inptr+1 ; Advance text index.
bra nexthex ; Always taken. Check next character for hex.
nothex: cpx ysav ; Check if L, H empty (no hex digits).
beq escape ; Yes, generate ESC sequence.
tst mode ; Test MODE byte.
bpl notstor ; B6=0 for STOR, 1 for XAM and BLOCK XAM
; STOR mode
ldx st
ldaa l ; LSD's of hex data.
staa ,x ; Store at current 'store index'.
stx st
tonextitem: bra nextitem ; Get next command item.
prbyte: psh a ; Save A for LSD.
lsra ; MSD to LSD position.
bsr prhex ; Output hex digit.
pul a ; Restore A.
prhex: anda #$0f ; Mask LSD for hex print.
oraa #$b0 ; Add "0".
cmpa #$b9 ; Digit?
bls echo ; Yes, output it.
adda #$07 ; Add offset for letter.
echo: tst dsp ; DA bit (B7) cleared yet?
bmi echo ; No, wait for display.
staa dsp ; Output character. Sets DA.
rts ; Return.
run: ldx xam
jmp ,x ; Run at current XAM index.
notstor: bne xamnext ; mode = $00 for XAM, $56 for BLOCK XAM.
ldx h ; Copy hex data to
stx st ; 'store index'.
stx xam ; And to 'XAM index'.
clra ; set Z flag to force following branch.
nxtprnt: bne prdata ; NE means no address to print.
ldaa #$8d ; CR.
bsr echo ; Output it.
ldaa xam ; 'Examine index' high-order byte.
bsr prbyte ; Output it in hex format.
ldaa xam+1 ; Low-order 'Examine index' byte.
bsr prbyte ; Output it in hex format.
ldaa #$ba ; ":".
bsr echo ; Output it.
prdata: ldaa #$a0 ; Blank.
bsr echo ; Output it.
ldx xam
ldaa ,x ; Get data byte at 'examine index'.
bsr prbyte ; Output it in hex format.
xamnext: clr mode ; 0->MODE (XAM mode).
ldx xam ; Compare 'examine index' to hex data.
cpx h
beq tonextitem ; Not less, so more data to output.
stx xam
ldaa xam+1 ; Check low-order 'examine index' byte
anda #$07 ; For MOD 8 = 0
bra nxtprnt ; always taken
org $fff8 ; vector table
fdb $0000 ; IRQ
fdb $0000 ; SWI
fdb $f000 ; NMI
fdb $ff00 ; RESET