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* 6502 Emulator
* Spring Break programming project
* 3/5/2019
* by Ben Jones
#include <stdint.h>
//Bits of the status register and correseponding flags
#define CARRY 0
#define ZERO 1
#define INTERRUPT 2
#define DECIMAL 3
#define BREAK 4
#define OVERFLOW 6
#define NEGATIVE 7
typedef struct CPU_6502 CPU_6502;
//Store the state of cpu
struct CPU_6502{
//The ALU loads and stores to and from the accumulator
uint8_t A_reg;
//Index registers
uint8_t X_reg;
uint8_t Y_reg;
//The stack pointer is actually a 16 bit value but the first byte is hard-wired to 0x01, so you only need 8 bits to store it
uint8_t SP_reg;
uint16_t PC_reg;
//The bits status register are all of the processor flags, but it is its own register whose value can be pushed to the stack
uint8_t P_reg;
unsigned long long int cycles;
void execute_6502(CPU_6502 *cpu, uint8_t (*read)(uint16_t), void (*write)(uint16_t, uint8_t));
void reset_6502(CPU_6502 *cpu, uint8_t (*read)(uint16_t));