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Pom1 is an Apple 1 emulator being ported to C from the original Java
version. It uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer library and works on most
== Options ==
Pom1 has many options to configure and utilize the emulator. They are
accessed by Ctrl+<letter>. Some options also have corresponding command
line parameters.
Option Letter Parameter Description
Load Memory L Load memory from a binary or ascii file.
Save Memory S Save memory to a binary or ascii file.
Quit Q Quit the emulator.
Reset R Soft reset the emulator.
Hard Reset H Hard reset the emulator.
Pixel Size P -pixelsize <n> Set the pixel size (1 or 2).
Scanlines N -scanlines Turn scanlines on or off (pixel size 2 only).
Terminal Speed T -terminalspeed <n> Set the terminal speed (Range: 1 - 120).
RAM 8K E -ram8k Use only 8KB of RAM or entire 64KB of RAM.
Write In ROM W -writeinrom Allow writing data in ROM or not.
IRQ/BRK Vector V Set address of interrupt vector.
Fullscreen F -fullscreen Switch to fullscreen or window.
Blink Cursor B -blinkcursor Set the cursor to blink or not.
Cursor Block C -blockcursor Set the cursor to block or @.
Show About A Show version and copyright information.
== Other information ==
* You can find more information about the project at the Pom1 website: