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#include <stdint.h>
class LRingBuffer {
LRingBuffer(int16_t length);
bool Serialize(int8_t fd);
bool Deserialize(int8_t fd);
void clear();
bool isFull();
bool hasData();
bool addByte(uint8_t b);
bool addBytes(uint8_t *b, int count);
bool replaceByte(uint8_t b);
uint8_t consumeByte();
uint8_t peek(int16_t idx);
uint16_t getPeekCursor();
void setPeekCursor(int16_t idx);
void resetPeekCursor();
uint8_t peekNext();
int16_t count();
uint8_t *buffer;
int16_t max;
int16_t ptr;
int16_t fill;
int16_t cursor;